Icy-Clear Glass Block Specially Installed for Modern Bathrooms

Beautiful Glass block in a contemporary living room Interior Design for Inspiration

Beautiful Glass block in a contemporary living room Interior Design for Inspiration

Waiting for the blurry shadow behind the glass block is an old-fashioned way. Today is time for make the blurry shadow into clear figure by bringing back glass brick into modern housing. Glass block firstly created in 1900 era when Art Deco was being so much popular for interiors. But smart designer productively highlight this bold glass material into millennium century with still keep the blurry into clear variety of interiors. Here they are tens contemporary interiors with fascinating glass blocks within.

The most popular materialization from glass block is in the bathroom. James Hill Architect exhibits a vintage bathroom in white with clear accent of various glass materials to produce focus ripple effects in the entire part of the bathroom. Frosted glass block design in Barenz Builders’ mono-light bathroom is a real proof of eclectic design in contemporary packaging. Have a different dimension from tropical bathroom by Ehlen Creative Communications is an old accompanied by fresh capture of the oval mirror behind the dotted glass block.

In the other hand, Christy Branson and Peregrine Design Build know the way how to utilize natural lightings to match with clear texture of the glass blocks and together deliver what should deserve from bathroom design. Again, mirror helps the glass blocks find the way to produce bizarre natural glows within these two Mid Century bathrooms. Mate the glass with marble is old school technique but still works well in this futuristic bathroom. Golden hue automatically creates from tiles and marbles inside, whereas the icy glass brick freeze the bright in sheer cage.

If Podesta Construction collates the marble and tile, Baugher, Inc. offers special chance for wood to exist. Most parts of frosted glass bricks solved instantly with beautiful finishing of wooden bathtub liner. And the striking purple mat attaches extra nice impressions within. As the result, curved and flatted glass block design walls still be favor from times of yore until now.

Sophisticated High Tech Gadget for Kitchen: Touchscreen Kitchen Tools

Almighty Board by Yanko Design with Modern Decoration Ideas

Almighty Board by Yanko Design with Modern Decoration Ideas

Being cooking lovers mean you must be high tech gadget addicts. Nowadays, everything needs technology, not exception while working in the kitchen. We know that sometime high-tech will cost much money, but the advantages we get will save lots of money than use traditional one. What kinds of gadgets could have in the kitchen? Here they are some samples that will make the cooking time feels more enjoyable than before.

Use tablets to support activities in the kitchen are not something brand new. Since the latest high tech gadget released in 2014, tablets just like an obligation to be fulfilled. Sungale NetChef is new form of touchcreen gadgets that will help the users to connect with hundreds webs around the world and find out 500 recipes within. The internal memory of this sophisticated white gadget is 4GB and you can insert external memory up to 32GB.

To mate the tablet in the kitchen, some designers already created tablet holder for simpler lifestyle. Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount is one of numerous trendy tablet holders which so much moveable and flexible. The other cool tablet holder is created by Frank Vogel and Paul Turner from Steelie. There two models of tablet holders which are released by these designers, tabletop stand and magnetic tablet holder. The first one is a cute tool with small size and rolling ball board to help the user positioning the tablet, while the second one easily stack on magnetic media.

The other touchscreen device that will help to do cooking activities is Almighty Board from Yanko Design. It has similar function as iPad, when you need it as cutting board, then there. Moreover, the screen wouldn’t be damaged or broken when you cut off something on it; thick and powerful, but very light to bring anywhere. Looking backwards how latest high-tech electronic gadgets could affect modern lifestyle you need to have one of these culinary gadgets above.

Surprising Natural Interior Design: Earthy House in Vancouver

Amazing Ample natural lighting floods through the skylight with Modern Style

Amazing Ample natural lighting floods through the skylight with Modern Style

What is being trend in these present years is natural interior design with wooded area around and real breathing element for perfect green shelter. Located in Vancouver, the Southlands Residence is looks alike with The Cullen’s house in Twilight Saga movie. The strong concrete construction harmonizes with colorful living plants around and perfectly camouflages this natural house with the crowd skyline and ordinary lavish houses out there. DIALOG firm is the chosen one to design this house with all possibilities and impossibilities.

Exterior design is heaven for the plants, water and soil to live. Not less good with the natural interior design concept, the exterior has been juggled into eco-friendly living space by the open patio, open veranda and pond. Instead of concrete as base material construction, glass and wood perfectly create warm and comfortable space by their each function. Pass some stairs and come inside the house, you will be welcomed by fantastic contemporary interior in solid colors like white, red, gray and black.

The interior construction is full of clear glass and wood which each of them play a big role as controller. Ceiling, wall, floor, beams, staircase, and some furniture precisely made from collaboration of wood and other environmental materials. Living room and family room are two different living spaces in different construction and organization also. If concrete and solid substance dominant in the living room, family room has appears more muted under the wooden mounted ceiling and solid construction.

Dining room and kitchen have the same concept with the family room because all of them arranged in same space. Besides, the bedroom in the second level naturally designed in minimalist and simple to grab more and more natural lights inside from the hollowed ceiling and huge clear glass window around. Floating stair and other details of the house plan really represent the earthy design in ergonomics materialization. Strong interior design concept ideas for slight and light realization will make everyone who sees it shocked instantly.

Plush Scandinavian Interior Style in Crowd of British Environs

Chic Staircase with glass railing makes an important addition to the Highgate home

Chic Staircase with glass railing makes an important addition to the Highgate home

The characteristic of a Scandinavian interior is old-fashioned European design in absolute white and undone construction with great mixture of Swedish decoration within. Although stated in London, this house is stunning around with its solid ins-outs Scandinavian from tip to end part of the building. Contrast rustic design which is created by Thomas Griem from TG Studio, the realization of Highgate project will leave you in admiration.

Deliberately located in Scandinavian residential community, the exterior equally pops up in similar design. Mounted roof with obsolete roof tiles and squared glass roof as exception occur by bare brick constructions underneath. Casement windows ala Europe and plain frontage ala British become gradually make up characteristic. Walk through inside the house you will be greeted by tranquil and neat Scandinavian interior design which is totally colored in white. After pass the sheer white curtain, smooth pasty sofa and welcoming folding floor lamp please you to come in deeper.

Meet the kitchen is other advantage to enjoy the pure architecture of British and Sweden. White, white and white along the eyes could sweep out the interior, but the kitchen. Stainless and black appliances add another impression of white interior into monogram. And the dining room is just small space with wooden furniture colored in white also. Precisely located in the second level, sit in the dining room will give free vision to the lower level underneath and upper level above.

In the third level, there are two bedrooms; the first equipped with TV and queen bed, while the second one special for kid. Both of them designed in modern minimalist. In the other hand, master bedroom also completed with workstation. Go up by the stairway there is small bathroom and powder room in super minimalist design but too lavish to call simple rooms. Well, solid Scandinavian interior design style sorely pronounced in clear accent of the carved mirror and kinds of potteries inside of them.

Magnetic Eclectic Interior Design: Beautiful Eclectic Color Shades

Bright eclectic living room Interior with Rustic White Fabric Sofa Furniture

Bright eclectic living room Interior with Rustic White Fabric Sofa Furniture

From different taste of styles and huge range of sources, has born wonderful long-term eclectic interior design which is going so much popular day by day. Eclectic is a boom to break the limitation of design with its surprising effects of complex mixture. And when the design blends as one with other design and never finds the patent rule for it, which is an eclectic. Eclectic is free, simple and easiest way to judge an abandoned design into lucid transformation.

Mint Home Decor already shows an example of white assorted decoration in the dining room. When you give notice to detail and composition of this space, you will meet a little bit of Sweden style, rustic design and classic contemporary in smooth European covering. In most cases, eclectic interior design style is founded from modern genre, and Mint Home Decor blows strong eclectic atmosphere in this white modern living room as realization. The comfy chaise lounge, the vintage pasty sofa and the adaptable accessories has explained solid eclectic.

Wonderful masterwork from CB2, the Suitor Graphic Stripe Loveseat, is remarkable traditional aspect for modern lifestyle. Put it in the living room with dangled glass simmers around it nicely produces fashionable eclectic design. Middle Century decoration with strong urge by Manuel Saez in his Facetta Chair from CB2 will keep you away from old-fashioned nerdy. Classic accessories like crafted glass vase or sculptured table lamp will help to get the point.

Furniture is the other crucial aspect to boost up the eclectic smell in a room. Philip Nimmo Design precisely set various kind of sofa as one in Victorian living room, whereas the calm wall gives wider vision inside. An example from Coddington Design show you huge wave of rich bright colors arrive in neutral living room. Rounded pattern on the carpet in orange palette, sprinkle blue on solid white fireplace, floor-to-ceiling beige curtain, and juicy citrus sofa, chair and ottoman cohere and assemble magnetic eclectic color scheme within.

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