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Adorable Bay Window Seats: Perfect Place to Laze Around

Bay Window Seating

Nowadays not many homes have bay window seats inside. It might looks like a waste of home space or worse, gives unwanted appearance. But actually the bay window seat can make your house looks modest and appealing. This place often use for breakfast nook, although you also can find it in the living room and bedroom. Most people have these bay windows in traditional houses but actually it also fits very well in modern houses too.

In the modern living room, bay window seats design can perform as home décor which will enhance the beauty of the living room. You can have colorful modern bay window seats with colorful cushions. Of course if you do not want to expose it, you can pull the curtains and hid it out. In the living room nook you can design double bench bay window seating with a loop between it and place rounding table. This way you can have cozy lounge with beautiful outdoor view.

Bay Window Sofa Seating

Colorful Modern Bay Window Seating

Two For One Window Seating

Most beautiful bay window seats using planted bench and cover with cushions. Mostly for smart room arrangement you will provide the bench also for silent storage which means you can use it as bench also as storages. You can create drawers benches or lift up benches, either way that pleases you more. Of course if you can find the perfect sofa size which is usually a bit curvy it will give a great appearance like this tufted sofa.

Convenient Storage In Bay Window Seating

Bay Window Seating With Storage

Nice bay window seats also available at the kitchen and creating a great breakfast nook. In the galley kitchen, the floating bench on the bay window seat makes airy atmosphere where you can enjoy while sightseeing from the windows. You also can place this next to the dining room area. For more bay window seats design ideas you can look at below photo gallery.

Kitchen Bay Window Seating

Kitchen Bay Window Seat

Dining Nook Bay Window

Dining Area Window Seat

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