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Amazing Bathroom Area Concept Ideas Creating More Accents

Elegant Small Bathroom Renovation With Bathroom Sink

Every room inside a house is important and all of rooms complete each other to provide comfort and shelter-like place to the home owner. Bathroom area is one of those rooms, which is a place for people to go every day.

Whether it is small or large, the focal point of bathroom is cleanliness with no dirt at all. Furthermore, it is regularly built in one place together with toilet. And usually bathroom consists of tub or shower area, toilet, and sink.

Meanwhile, what will happen if renovation is still taking place? Then small bathroom is what people will get. Thus, drawing bathroom area design layout is important to measure and decide what kind of furnishings to use. To better evaporate water, choose tiles made from ceramic and build it on the walls.

If the tiles are in white color, then combine it with black tiles for floor and white porcelain for restroom or sink. Add modern touch by installing tap water and other stuffs made from stainless steel or other metallic items.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Nyc With Shower Stalls Bathroom Sink And Bathtub

For people who choose earthy color and tone, better to use flooring tiles in light brown and build wooden cabinets with many drawers and simple knobs and pulls. For countertop of restroom, use furnished wooden board and place brown color sinks to match all of items.

Separate shower area with the rest place in bathroom, then install sliding glass door, instead of using curtain. The reason is because better to resist water so it does not become slippery.

Small Bathroom With Bathroom Sink Closet And Mirror

People can choose granite stone for walls and flooring parts. It gives more accents because of its natural pattern. Along with ordinary pattern of square tiles, combine it with mosaic style arranged by colorful stones. Renovating bathroom area design then can be done by combining all of items in the same theme, or contrast items but in trendy and chic ways.

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Small Bathroom Renovation With Closet Bathroom Sink And Elegant Mirror

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