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Amazing House Remodeling with Industrial Theme

Beautiful Dining Area Decor with Chrome Arch Lamp and Light Wood Table

Beautiful Dining Area Decor with Chrome Arch Lamp and Light Wood Table

This house remodeling project is finished by Bekhor Architecte. It’s called Maison Franken which adopting the industrial theme on the interior design. Well, the old house can be transformed into a nice modern architecture. It has 3230 square feet size. It’s nestled in Belgian City of Brussels. Let’s get closer look of this beautiful house.

The house remodeling ideas come from the designer with a modern touch. It brings the cubical structure that will give a contemporary style on there. With the black framed steel, the house looks adorable. There is a white brick-wall on the one side of the interior. It brings a classic style of the house. The laminated wooden floor with the bright brown color makes this house easy to step in. There is staircase with the metal hanger that perfectly matches with the room theme. The interior design also adopted from the industrial factory that let the room to have a nice appearance. It brings an urban living style taste for everyone who lives in there.

Minimalist Living Room Design Applied White Barcelona Sofas

Minimalist Living Room Design Applied White Barcelona Sofas

The large window also constructed on the kitchen. It’s facing out to the backyard. It’s allowing the sunlight warm the room situation. The exterior design is carrying the minimalist cubic house design. It has a combination between the concrete and brick-wall materials. With a red brown and white color, the house looks great. It lies on a strategic location with a full feature on there. A small porch also placed on the top of the house. It will give you special place to have a nice relaxing moment.

Well, the entire design of this house is good. The building looks tough with its foundation. It has a nice room theme that carries simplicity as the main theme. With a minimalist look, the entire room looks like a good space to living. Enjoy these home remodeling ideas pictures for more inspiration.

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