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Amazing Inspirations for Bathroom Design

Small Wall For Toilet Privacy

In most of home design plan, bathroom design is usually seen as peripheral element. Bathroom area itself mostly seen as area that not worth to be designed well, so that its design is usually taken for granted.

When talking about the design of the bathroom, most of people would see it as picking the right color for the ceramics or choosing right model of bathroom furniture. In fact, designing bathroom is beyond all of that.

Talking about bathroom, we will be talking about an essential yet private area. The fact that we will be spending at least couple of minutes there every day would be a clear clue how much this area mean to us. But sometimes, we also want our bathroom to be open and wide to get a spacious space for this area. To get these two contrary things in line, you can try to use the private bathroom design inspirations here.

Bathroom Privacy

The first idea to get the privacy to your bathroom is by adding frosted glass to the area you want it to be private. For some people, toilet area is really private so that it needs to be separated from other area on the bathroom.

Adding frosted glass to your toilet area would be a good idea to create privacy without making the whole bathroom area looks narrow and full. The blurred texture on the glass makes things won’t be seen without making it way too closed.

Bathroom Privacy Frosted Glass

Other idea you can try for your bathroom is the idea about half height wall partition for your toilet. Simply add low wall around your toilet area to get it seamlessly separated from the whole bathroom area. This is a good idea to create privacy around your toilet area without making it completely remote from the whole bathroom. These bathroom design ideas would be fresh inspirations you can use to design your bathroom.

Bathroom With An Privacy Wall For The Toilet

Tiny Privacy Wall For The Toilet

Privacy Wall With Tiles

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