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Amazing Wall Decorations with Green Living Board

Classic Navy Blue Dresser with Red Handles Decor with Glass Jar

Classic Navy Blue Dresser with Red Handles Decor with Glass Jar

Hi, there. Please, sit in comfort before we start this wall decorations topic that will inspire all of you. Have you ever thought about making a green living home style with putting potted plant as the interior decor? Well, that is an ordinary idea and it is also already used by many people. One that you might want to try is by making this green living board. It’s a very simple idea which uses a board as the plant containers. Then you can put them on the wall as they will bring the green nuance on room.

The first idea is by using the wall decorations DIY style. You can make your own board by using some wooden blocks. Measure it with the wall you want to use, and then build a simple plant box like the example below. You can put any kind of your favorite plants here. Look at the beautiful flower box below. It brings a colorful wall decor on the room. It seems like you’re having a nice 3D (real) painting.

You can also try using unused goodies as the plant container. Here, you can make some wall decorations with the plants in the bottle. Just arrange the bottle in a row and you will get a nice living wall decor. You can also use unused crates as the plant containers. They will look more artistic with the cracked crates. Some board also can be combined with these hexagonal wires layer. You can pick this from the chicken cages. It’s really fun on the process of making the living board.

Well, from the whole paragraph before, it can be concluded that the perfect decoration for the wall is a nice wooden box with the plants. It will bring such a natural painting with the real plants. Don’t forget to always water them if you have the bottle garden. Let’s start your wall decorations DIY projects and feel free to share your ideas here!

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