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Anderson Sliding Door Lock – To Get to Know

Anderson sliding door lock, you have to know about it when you decide to install Anderson type of sliding door for your home. Actually, Anderson sliding door name is coming from Hans Anderson, the one who invented this sliding door type in 1903 ago. Then, he made a company, which is named Anderson Corporation. This corporation has made six million windows and doors in the world, and they included patio door or we can call it sliding door.

Anderson Sliding Door Lock

Anderson sliding door has two or more panels, which are completed by at least one panel sliding which is past the other sliding glass panels. Like another sliding door, this type also will bring in some maximum natural of light into your room.

Anderson Sliding Door Lock Parts Installation

Installing Anderson sliding door, it means you have to install the lock part of your door too. As you already know that a sliding door, especially in glass screen like this Anderson sliding door is easy to open, if you want to protect your family for something bad that may be able to attack in, the lock system is necessary. You can place the lock on the doorjamb. By using a permanent marker, mark the place you want to set it.

Anderson Sliding Door Lock Parts

Close your sliding door and then drill the mark through the metal door frame.  You should match the bit of your drill with the size of the lock bolt. Then, open your sliding door, then place the lock, by using a small bit in your drill, drill the pilot holes for the metal screws to stick the lock on the door properly. Then, close your door to check the lock works well or not. Follow this briefly Anderson sliding door lock parts installation ways it can help you anyway.

Anderson Sliding Door Lock Parts in Varieties

Some types of Anderson sliding door lock out there, you can choose. For the first type is standard Anderson lock. This type is named, thumb latch. This lock will provide you a moveable latch. It is located in vertical position above the door handle. You can turn it by using your thumb to lock the door. Another type of Anderson lock is optional type. Some homeowners sometimes want to a key style as their Anderson lock. It is also used for optional accessories for Anderson lock. The keyed lock of this sliding door is located above the door handle and the locking system has a cylindrical shape thing that will let you to insert and turn a key that make you will have a pin to lock out your Anderson sliding door. After knowing this, you will realize how important for you Anderson sliding door locks parts.

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