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Attractive Simple House Design for Your Minimalist style

Awesome Glass Coffee Table Design at The Laurel Residence

Awesome Glass Coffee Table Design at The Laurel Residence

If you are the type of the person who likes everything simple, perhaps you can find the simple house design to make your house lovelier. If you do not have any idea about what it is like, you may try to find the examples in any interior design book or website. Because nowadays many designers make many kinds of distinctive design, so you can just choose the best design to be applied in your house. One of the best designs was made by StudioMET which has a project called as The Laurel Residence.

If you are making the simple house design ideas, you have to also decide both interior and exterior design. For the exterior design, you may use just simple design. Then for the courtyard, in order to make your house become stunning, you can put a minimalist swimming pool in your backyard. Next, for the family room, you can put some convertible sofas and the soft cushions on it.

Sleek Bay Window Design Near Kitchen at The Lakes House

Sleek Bay Window Design Near Kitchen at The Lakes House

In addition, you can put a glass table with wooden legs in this room. Afterwards, if you want to make your room warmer, you can add a comfortable rug as well. This room can also be completed by floor-to-ceiling windows so that you can enjoy the beauty of your lovely garden. Then, to make this room more stunning, you can hang a lovely painting on the wall and a kind of wooden shelves to put any distinctive handicrafts.

Afterwards, to make it more fabulous, you can put a wooden winding stair to connect the rooms upstairs and downstairs. Then, upstairs, you can put your working room which consists of a wooden table and some unique chairs. It can also be completed by adding an uncommon table lamp and rug. One thing that should be remembered in having a simple house is finding the appropriate simple house interior design ideas to make your house more perfect.

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