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Awesome Stone Bathroom to Create Serene Bathing

Exotic Bathroom With Stone Wall Theme

The bathroom is often a forgotten part for some people. May be due to the function of the bathroom itself is only used as a place to cleanse the body and does not make you spend a long time to be in the bathroom. More broadly, a good bathroom design will beautify the interior design of the house as a whole. Thus it can be concluded that in order to make an idea of the perfect bathroom design, you have to combine it with nuance. To create a serene bathroom you could try using a stone. Use at any corner of your bathroom to make bathing experience more enjoyable. Here is some awesome stone bathroom which could be an inspiration for you.

The first type of awesome stone bathroom is a bathroom that is very beautiful with white and grey. In the middle there is a natural stone with a curved metal bath faucet. Beside him there is a large glass window. It reinforces the romantic accent and serenity. If you are a person who does not like the bath then shower could also be the right choice. With natural cream on tile painting drawn with a lot of rocks to make the shower more depth.

Dazzling Bathroom With Stone Bathtub Theme

A modern shower also shows detail for use doors made of glass than the black handle is placed in the middle. Outside the shower while there are two trunks as the main seating coupled with cream cushions. To maximize the functionality of the bathroom, you can add a large round glass and framed using wood to assist you to get dressed. As lighting, you can use a chandelier or lighting so that light can be maximized so that the room more fresh and bright. Awesome stone bathroom also pinned washbasin on the counter top.

Wonderful Bathroom With Stone Wall Theme

Stunning Bathroom With Shower Room Near Stone Wall

Chic Bathroom With Floating Stone Washbasin Theme

Fancy Bathroom With Stone Floor Theme

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