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Beautiful and Stunning Old-House Design in a city Named Brentwood

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This Stunning Old-house design looks very cool with beautiful lightings that you can see from the picture. The house is located in California which designed by Nonzero Architecture. The house gives different look and feel with beautiful design ideas. Do you want to see them? Here, we have some pictures about it. Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the picture, we can see how nice and lovely the house with natural look. The house is a bit covered by high trees. The house is made from wooden materials in brown color. The house has creamy lightings which give different look when you first see it.

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The lamps are put on the ceiling in the terrace and the second floor of the house. You can see them through the glass wall surrounded the room. It is a very modern and minimalist stunning old-house design idea.

When we come into the house, we still see different side of the house with different design that we will never predict before. In the morning, we can see in detail how lovely the house is dominated in brown color. The entire of the house is made from wooden materials in dark brown color.

Lavish Living Room Interior Design with Modern Natural Decoration Ideas

Like what you see in the picture, the kitchen looks very clean and natural with white kitchen cabinetries and wooden kitchen island. In the top side of the room, the roof is a bit opened so that you can see the lightings come into it.

Living in a private house like this with natural wooden materials will make us feel different. Of course, we will get different look and different feeling from it.

Now, you do not need to worry to have a house like this because we can get the designs for you. Stunning old-house design pictures like these will hopefully give something new for you and satisfy your curiosity how to design a natural house.

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