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Breathtaking Artistic Bathroom Model Leaving People in Awe

Bathtub With Oriental Touch

What’s there in artistic bathroom? The answer is certainly about artistic and wonderful design of interior inside. Actually this special room for relaxation can have so many interesting and unique features by adding entertainment aspects –not only the original idea of functional usage- such as accessories, ornaments, or even furnishings.

First of all is about the walls, if home owner feel bored easily then use beautiful designs and decorative colors, instead of just plain and neutral choice of style.

Inspired by Japan-theme architecture, this artistic bathroom design uses extensive amounts of wooden materials for almost all surfaces. Walls and windows are made of well-made woods and there is kind of lid that used for covering rounded bath tub if no people taking a bath.

For tub itself, covered with small shiny stones inside a marble-like surfaces. Extra soothing atmosphere can be added by placing some candles around bathroom and spreading flower petals on the water.

Natural And Oriental Style Bathroom

Another artistic model is from nature touch in form of greenery or indoor plants arrangement and stones textures for walls. The black stones are combined with no-border mirror and silver cabinets placed under-counter. And for above-counter added white porcelain sink.

Flooring part is using marble surfaces and above it rolled out a black furry rug for giving comfy to feet. Massive amounts of sunlight are coming through large sized windows, and a dresser in front of window is covered with plants.

Wild Bathroom Design

Simple, chic, minimalist, yet artistic are just not enough to describe this bathroom. Covered with white color for floor, ceiling, and walls, the recessed bath tub is built in the middle with no border, and looks like a pool. Artistic bathroom design ideas will use bold color of bright red for cabinets, stool, and wardrobe inside the place. Moreover, above the tub is unique black chandelier with many bulbs.

Shower Box With Black And White Accent

Red And White Bathroom Design

Artistic Bathroom Design With Marble Effect

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