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Breathtaking Villa in Switzerland: Luxurious Design of Brucke 49

Stylish Alpine Retreat Brücke 49 Home Interior with Contemporary Dining Furniture

Stylish Alpine Retreat Brücke 49 Home Interior with Contemporary Dining Furniture

Browse the Brucke 49 from villa in Switzerland columns on the internet or other vacation resorts, you will find what’s awesome from this holiday house. Run from the busy time of razzle-dazzle metropolitan lifestyle and stay here for a couple days or weeks to enjoy the endless story of Alpine is a premium way. This is the time for you to enjoy the alteration of modern lifestyle into incredible rustic.

The pride and joy inside the luxury villa in Switzerland, The Brucke 49 is the living space which is fully loaded with inevitable room arrangement and fixtures placement. Start from how the ample glass window in the dining room so much affect the entire appearance of the room, it makes special reflection from the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door ahead. Dining room is the place where the mishmash of original tradition meets the implicit modernity. The cosmos pendant lamp and the furry fabric are united as one under the adorable white wooden construction.

Next to the dining room, the pleasurable mezzanine is waiting to be lived. A couple of comfortable European armchairs under the glorious metal arch lamp are the loyal best friend for the build-in fireplace box. Behind the adorable fireplace box, an elongated fire pit by stealth emerges with its beauty. Moreover, the separator between those magnificent rooms is the kitchen. It is such as eclectic kitchen from stainless and other metallic materials as thieves’ attention.

And walk down through the staircase next to it, you will escort to the other private rooms inside this villa. There is the master bedroom and the master bathroom with the besties accompanies them. The sleeping space expresses much of different characteristic of a private space with lots of differ between bright and dark decoration, while the bathroom is a bright space with powerful acts from the wood element and the white hue. Incidentally, looked from a distance, the exterior of this luxury villa rental Switzerland really match with the modern style in noticeable traditional packaging.

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