burlap window treatments

burlap valance window treatments

Burlap Window Treatments

The Good Choice of Burlap Valance Window Treatments Usage

Burlap window treatments are one kind of the unique window treatment design which we can use in our home. There are many people who use this kind of unique and cheap material to be used as the window treatment. For people who do not understand what burlap is, we can give simple but brief explanation about what burlap is to you who need it. Burlap is the common material that is used to create the bag of the coffee of other thing. Usually it has brown color that make people love to use it as the window treatment material because it is very unique for people to have the recycled material to be used as the window treatment.

Burlap Window Treatments

How to Make the Burlap Valance Window Treatments

If you want to have the same burlap window treatment in your home, you do not need to feel confuse about how you can make it. We will give you step by step instruction to fulfill what you desire to have as your window treatment that also will improve your home appearance if you can do it perfectly in installation process. First that we need to prepare is the burlap material which we will use to make the curtain for the window treatment. We can purchase this material with cheap price in many stores especially the cloth store which will provide the burlap material.

Burlap Valance Window Treatments

After we have gained the material which we will use to create the burlap valance window treatments for our home application, we can start to make it. We need to measure the length and width of the window that we will install with this unique window treatment. When we have gained the proper measurement for the window that we will install with the burlap window treatment, we only need to cut the burlap with using the same measurement of the window has. it will be great too if we can give little additional length and width to the burlap material that will make the appearance of our window look better than before after we have installed it in the window.

How to Install the DIY Burlap Valance Window Treatments

DIY Burlap Window Treatments

When we have finished in preparing the burlap material that we want to attach in the window, the next step is the installation process. We will not to sew this burlap which we will use as the curtain for our window. We only need to glue it in the thing like curtain rod for mounting it in the wall. The mechanism of the window treatment will be used the roller mechanism each time we want to open and close the window which we have installed with using the burlap valance window treatments.

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