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Captivating Little Girls Bedroom Located in Countryside

No one must have thought that little girls bedroom can be designed as similar as princess bedroom design in fairytales world. Actually, by applying colorful design for the interior, the girl bedroom will really look so captivating. In addition, the design is very suitable for those who live in countryside. With such decoration, the small room of girl bedroom really looks so adorable.

The alphabetical wallpapers that are attached on the concrete wall really fit the small room of the girl bedroom. The colorful furnishings for the interior bedroom also look so great since the bed platform is also designed in colorful style. The pattern bed cover that is usually applied to main cover of bedroom in urban house is indeed very suitable for the suburban house. The desk lamp on the working desk also looks so bright with transparent green shade for the decoration. In addition, the little girls bedroom ideas is really captivating when the chandelier lamps are installed as main lamp installation. For the square window, the aluminum shutter is applied along with red curtain.

The pattern model for the mosquito net is also very suitable for the girl bedroom because it is designed in contemporary style. The pendant ceiling lamps that are so sparkling are indeed as perfect as lamp installation because glass ornaments are attached. In addition, the hardwood floor that looks so classy are very incredible installed as main floor installation. The purple decoration, as in the fourth picture can also be applied as main decoration because the room is designed in small room. The square window with transparent glass panel really fits covered by mosaic pattern of satin curtain.

The floral rug that covers the hardwood floor can also be applied as another design of the girl bedroom. The white interior design really looks so classy because the furnishings are so colorful. Therefore, for suburban house in countryside, you can apply a design as in this little girl bedroom ideas photos for your suburban house interior.

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