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Captured Home Designs by Applying Japanese Sliding Doors

Awesome Bathroom Japanese Sliding Doors Design Ideas

How do you feel and expect if our home designs are decorated by the existence of Japanese sliding doors? Not only applied in Japan, this kind of sliding door recently also appears in some home design in the world. It become more popular in the application as it can improve creative and captured style of home design.

Here are some pictures existed following the application of sliding door in some rooms. Japanese sliding doors design combination can make the other decoration in that room more enchanting and attracting to be in that house. In the first sight, the application of wooden frame sliding door appears in bedroom design with classic wooden couch, it really improve the nuance and classic and rustic.

In the other style, the sliding door with wooden and rice paper style become more attractive as seen in a play room with plaid door style. That is in two sliding. Those play woods give more enchanting style in bright color. In the application, that aluminum sliding door is applied on the hard wood floor become rustic partition between those rooms.

Awesome Japanese Sliding Doors Wooden Frame Bedroom Design

To get captured modern siding door, we can take other application in combination with the lighter and softer style. There is a sliding door between dining room and the kitchen, and we can get nice of it because when it is opened, the dining room and kitchen look as one room, yeah we will enjoy the decoration.

To apply sliding door that divide the room side and outdoor, we can use this kind of high rice paper sliding door. In this picture, the sliding door is as partition of work space with computer desk and television and outside views.

Contemporary Dining Room with Japanese Sliding Doors

Fantastic Japanese Sliding Doors Hall Design Ideas

Many kinds of sliding door can be well applied in some room to divide some rooms and that can be also make two rooms as a room when the door is opened because it usually built in wide space. Therefore, Japanese sliding doors design ideas is great to be chosen if we want to get more classic and captured impression.

Contemporary Wooden Style Japanese Sliding Door Design Ideas

Great Combine Soft Brown Frame Japanese Sliding Doors with Dark Wooden Floor

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