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Accordion Doors Can Be a Great Addition to a Home

Accordion doors

Accordion doors are great for providing a division of space in a small area without a complicated installation.  An accordion door does not require a supported door frame installation with hinges like a normal wooden closet door.  Instead, interior folding doors utilize a track hung on the top of existing frame of the opening.  The door then hooks into the track for easy use and installation.  This provides a simple solution to dividing off spaces in your home, whether from room to room or between a room and a closet.  Unlike a regular hinged door, the accordion folding doors use very little space when they are opened.  The panels of the door fold against themselves, just like an accordion, as their name suggests.  You do not have to worry about doorknobs or banging the door or doorknob against a finished wall.  Instead, the lightweight and durable vinyl or wood construction allows you to fold the door against the frame without even touching the outside wall.  Accordion closet doors can now be purchased in just about any shape, size, and design to best compliment your interior design.  Wood in colors ranging from walnut to pecan, white vinyl, and glass are among the many materials to choose from.  You can order your folding door online or go to a place that sells home improvement materials like Lowes.  You will need to take careful measurements before purchasing your door to be sure it fits properly.  You will also need a few tools to properly install your door.  Once installed, your accordion door will provide the fit of a closet door with less used space.

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