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French Closet Doors for Bedrooms

The Creative Ideas of Mirrored French Closet Doors for Bedrooms

French Closet Doors

Mirrored French closet doors for bedrooms are the brilliant idea which can make your room look amazing without need to buy expensive thing. Maybe you thing for having mirrored French door for closet door, we must buy the French door just for using as the closet door. Of course it is not like that. What we mean in this mirrored French door is the ordinary door which have mirror as the decal that will be installed with the window grid that have appearance like French door grid. Only with doing that we will be able to decorate our room appearance especially if we install this creative ideas in our bedroom closet door.

How to Create Mirrored French Closet Doors for Bedrooms

French Closet Doors for Bedrooms

In this section, we will talk more about how to create the beautiful appearance of French door in the closet door usage with using mirror as the decoration. However, one important rule that we will follow in creating this project is we do not spend much money in buying the French door and the other material that only will make us need to spend much money just for making our bedroom look beautiful. It is not need to you to spend much money if we have just a little creativity to do it. The primary thing that you need to have to do this project is the closet door in your bedroom. It will be better if it has already installed with mirror as the decoration. However, if it is not yet installed with mirror, maybe you need to buy mirror and install it on that door and then we can begin the project.

We assume that you have already had the closet door which has mirror installation. In this project, you will need to make sure about the length and width of the mirror that is installed in your closet door with using tape measurement. The measurement result will be used to buy the proper size of grid that is will be used to make the door looks like the French door. The grids which have proper size with the mirror that is installed in our door only need to be posted on the mirror. Finally, we have already had mirrored French closet doors for bedrooms.

Other Decoration Choice of Mirrored French Closet Doors for Bedrooms

Mirrored French Closet Doors

Actually, what we have done before is not completed yet to have the best mirrored French door in our closet door which we do not need to buy any French door panel. We will need to add some decoration to hide or camouflage the door that we have modified with using grid only to have the same appearance like French door. We can add some decoration from fabric to conceal the foam core that is used to post the grid that make ordinary door look like mirrored French closet doors for bedrooms.

French Doors with Sidelights – Interior Parts

Stylish Interior French Doors with Sidelights

French Doors with Sidelights

Interior French doors with sidelights contribute to the beautiful design of the house. The sidelights allow the outside light to shine into the room. Therefore, the sidelights make the room look wider and brighter. For these reasons, adding sidelights on the interior French doors is worth the trouble.

Installing interior French doors with sidelights

It is best to hire professional constructors to install doors with sidelights to get the best result. However, if someone have all the equipment that is needed to install the doors and are used to doing construction tasks, he/she might install the doors by himself/herself. The best type of doors to be installed without the service of professional constructors is the pre-hung doors. Pre-hung doors mean the door slabs are already installed to frames. Therefore, customers do not need to build frames on the openings of the door and just need to install the pre-hung doors to the openings of the door.

Interior French Doors with Sidelights

Customers need to measure the openings of the door carefully to get the proper size of the interior French doors with sidelights. Use steel retractable measuring tape to complete this task. Measure the width and height of the door openings. For installation, make sure to prepare all the equipment needed such as builder level, wood shims, nails, screws, screwdriver, hammer, etc. Prepare the door openings carefully. Make sure their sides are smooth and leveled. Slide the doors into the door openings. Make sure the doors are leveled by placing wooden shims behind the hinges of the doors. Use nails and screws to fix the doors. Install insulation between the jambs. Decorate the doors by installing casing and trim pieces.

Window treatments for interior French doors with sidelights

The sidelights for interior French doors provide additional light to the room. However, to avoid the room to become too bright, window treatments can be installed on the sidelights of the doors. Besides providing a control over the light shining into the room, window treatments also provide some privacy to the room and decorate the doors with stylish design. There are a lot of types of window treatments that can be chosen for sidelights of interior French doors such as stained glass, curtains, window films, and so on. Stained glass is the most beautiful choice of window treatments for sidelights of doors. Stained glass can be made according to the customers’ demands of designs and colors. Stained glass is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. Curtains give traditional look to the doors but they match with any designs. Window films are cheap yet decorative window treatments for sidelights. Have fun choosing the stylish window treatments for interior French doors with sidelights.

Roman Shades for French Doors

The Usage of Fabric Roman Shades for French Doors Pattern

Roman Shades for French Doors

Fabric roman shades for French doors pattern maybe can be great choice for the window treatment especially for French door usage. Having French door installation in our home is good decision that we have made. French door can let many lights come through inside our home because of many glasses that is used in French door design. However, if sometime we want to cover the French door because the light is too many for us that make the room has hot temperature, we can cover it with using the proper window treatment. Curtain is the common window treatment that is used by people to cover the French door, but curtain is the old fashion window treatment to be used in the French door.

Fabric Roman Shades for French Doors Pattern Perfect Choice

If you want to have perfect appearance in your French door maybe, you need to try to use the roman shades as the window treatment. It is the perfect window treatment if you match with the usage of French door that has classic appearance. Roman shade is simple window treatment that hangs in the door or window frame and it will give not just prevention from the too many light come into room but it is also giving improvement in the French door appearance. However, people need to know about the usage of pattern too in the roman shades because in this era, roman shade also have many pattern choice that will make us can choose the best roman shade pattern for installing in our home.

Fabric Roman Shades For French Doors

If you want to know how to choose the pattern for your roman shade, maybe we can give you little tips to gain perfect choice in the fabric roman shades for French doors pattern. First, when you want to buy the roman shade, you need to know where you will use that roman shade. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, or patio those are where we usually install the roman shade. Each room will be needed different pattern if you want to have perfect appearance on each room. Living room and patio can use bright and colorful pattern of roman shade. Moreover, for kitchen area, people can choose any of the roman shade patterns but make sure that do not choose the white color.

How to Create Your Own Fabric Roman Shades for French Doors Pattern

Roman Shades for French Doors Pattern

If you have faced problem when you are looking on the perfect pattern for your roman shade that will be installed in the French door, maybe you can try to create with your own hand. It is not hard at all to create the roman shade if you have high will. What you need to do is just preparing the fabric material and the measurement value of the French door. After that, you need to sew it to strengthen it. The installation is simpler than make it. You only need to hang the roman shade in the rod or with using special panel that commonly use to install the roman shade. You can use those methods if you want to have wonderful window treatment like roman shade. Make sure you install the best fabric roman shades for French doors pattern.


Outswing French Doors Patio

The Choice of Outswing French Patio Doors

Outswing French Doors

Outswing French doors are the correct choice of patio door usage. Why it is said with using the out swing door mechanism in patio door is correct is because the out swing door mechanism will not consume many indoor space each time the door is opened. Moreover, the patio door is the door which is face to the outside that will be proper if it is used the out swing mechanism. It will be look weird if the patio door is used with in-swing door mechanism. Beside of that with having out-swing door in the patio door, we also do not need to find difficulty to open the door if both of your hand bring things that you will need to put on outside. You can just open the door easily with using your elbow or your leg because the door is using the out-swing mechanism that will not make any problem like the in-door swing that need us to make sure there is not thing in the area of the door mechanism each time we want to open the door.

The Method of Changing In-Swing Door into Outswing French Patio Doors

When you have already made mistake with choosing in-swing door mechanism for your patio door and you have already felt the problem that have been said in the first article section, you still able to change it into out-swing door mechanism with using only some money to spend. There are two methods which people can choose to change their door swing mechanism, the first method will need people to spend money and the second method will not make any money to spend. Maybe some people will want to know about the method, which do not need any money to change the swing door mechanism than the method that needs us to spend some money.

Outswing French Patio Doors

However, we will discuss both of the methods in this article. The first method is the method that will need us to spend some money to replace the swing door mechanism. We will need to replace the door frame that is used to hang the door panel it ii because the door frame for in swing and out-swing is different. The different is located on the place where the door installs on. However, people also still have one method that do not need to spend any money because we will saw the door frame and re-attached the part of the door frame that we have already cut with using saw. We can join the door frame with using nail and use some wood putty to council it. Those are the methods to change the in-swing French door into outswing French patio doors.

The Usage of Screen Door in Outswing French Patio Doors

After we understood about how to change the in-swing door into out-swing door, we now will discuss about how to install the screen door that is important to be used in the patio door. This screen door will prevent the insect, mosquito, and dirt easily comes into our home if we open the main door. However, some people start thinking when we will install the screen door in the out-swing door. The most often question that they ask about is where we will install the screen door. It is very easy to find the proper location to install the screen door. We can install the screen door in the inside part of the French patio door exactly in the inside door frame of outswing French patio doors.

French Door Curtain Panels

Custom French door Curtain Panels Velcro Ideas

French Door Curtain Panels

Custom French door curtain panels Velcro is the new idea that can be used by people who find difficulty in having curtain design for installing in their French door usage. Even though, curtain is the most flexible window treatment, but we also need to choose the most appropriate design between the curtain and the door panel. It is not hard at all actually to have the perfect curtain for French door if people want to make it by themselves. They can create the curtain with using their own design. In this time, people will have other choice of curtain design with using Velcro that must need them to create it personally. Actually, there is not place that sold this product in this time.

The Benefit in Using Custom French door Curtain Panels Velcro

Many people that have experienced problem when they install the curtain with using the ordinary rod curtain in the French door usage. Some people share that they often hard to open the door because the curtain is stuck in the door because commonly people install the curtain in the top place of the French door. However, it is not good if we install the curtain in the other place if we use the French door. do not worry anymore with having that problem in the future because nowadays we can have Velcro as the thing that will help us in hanging the curtain easily and make us can hang curtain in anywhere else without need to use the curtain rod.

French Door Curtain Panels Velcro

With using custom French door curtain panels Velcro, we will gain many benefits. The common benefit that we must gain when we choose to use Velcro to install the curtain is we will easily install the curtain without need to hang it in the rod anymore that will spend a lot of time. Even Velcro is look weak, but actually that material can hold the weight of the curtain that we use. Just make sure to give enough Velcro on the curtain to make sure that the curtain installed properly.

How the Appearance of the Custom French door Curtain Panels Velcro

Custom French Door Curtain Panels

People who want to try to make the custom curtain with using the Velcro must want to know about the appearance of this curtain customization. It is very simple if people see the appearance of this curtain customization. What we will do is just replacing the ring of the curtain that will be used to hang the curtain in the rod with using the Velcro. We only need to meet the Velcro if we want to install the curtain in the curtain rod. When we want to replace it, we only need to release the joint Velcro. It is very easy to install and replace the curtain right if we use the custom French door curtain panels Velcro.

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