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Garden Windows Decorating Ideas

Awesome Garden Window Ideas

Garden windows

Garden windows will not only protect your precious plants but they can also bring the outdoors inside your house. Typically, sizes of garden windows vary but they always have four sides and extend outward from the house. Some prefab garden windows with glass roofs enabling the sunshine to come in and light the area inside.

However, a garden window needs to be well decorated to maximize the aesthetic enhancement it can bring to your house. Here are some great decorating ideas for garden window.

1)      Get Some Herbs for Decoration

You will create an aromatic garden window if you will place different herbs in your garden window. These herbs can be in varying shapes, widths and heights to give you a balanced look.


2)      Get Some Annuals In

Annuals are very hardy plants and are typically seasonal in nature. Therefore, you can have a new look every time the season changes. Pansies are perfect for garden windows because of their colorful blooms that can be tucked neatly in the window boxes.


3)      Make Use of Perennials

For a more long-lasting look, you can use perennials inside your garden window. For instance, you can place candytuft in one corner. These plants grown from 8 to 9 inches and its white blooms will give a showy look to your garden window.

Prices for garden windows also vary according to their sizes and styles. And you can also get garden window discount price if you shop at Jeld-Wen Garden Windows and Garden Windows Lowes. With these decorating ideas for garden windows, you can truly enhance the stylish look of your house.

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