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Traditional yet Pretty Japanese Sliding Doors

Elegant Traditional Style Wooden Japanese Sliding Door Design

The thought of having a Japanese sliding door in our house does not seem like a bad idea. Some of us may think what are the Japanese sliding doors called because maybe we want to somehow buy direct from Japan. The Japanese called it Shoji.

Shoji is a sliding panel, not only used for door but also as a window as well. Shoji often used in Japanese-style houses with a private room served for tea ceremony, outdoor-porch accessories, or even as backgrounds for kabuki and other concerts show.

The Art of Japanese Sliding Doors

Traditionally, Japanese sliding door material or Shoji are made of white paper over pretty bright color wood, but nowadays people often change the white paper with plastic. Good thing about Shoji is they give spacious-look room, lighter and an airy environment even when you want to close it all the time. The white paper usually floral printed which is a basic combination with the idea of tea ceremony room.

Even though it’s beautifully floral printed as it is, there are several services that can provide sophisticated, and simple printed white paper based on our own personal taste. Japanese sliding doors is all about gorgeous simplicity.

Creative Japanese Sliding Doors Wooden Black Frame

Extravagant Artistic Shape Japanese Sliding Door Wooden Frame

Low Cost Japanese Sliding Doors

As it is contain of mostly woods, white paper (or plastic) and other simple material, Shoji or Japanese sliding doors is the best solution for low cost & minimalist home accessories. You could get a room divider without using so many space like usual door, or a private room without feeling all locked-up because airy and lighter room.

Now if you are as excited as I am to put Shoji in our own home. Here are some tips about How to make Japanese sliding doors. First of all, measure the height and width of the empty doorway you want to put Shoji in. If it’s already have an existing door, make sure you removed it.

Please kindly recheck the measure is accurate and you just need to order the right Shoji for your house. Japanese sliding doors installation is pretty handy and simple so everyone could have their very own without any worries.

Fantastic Japanese Sliding Doors with Polished Wooden Floor

Contemporary Wooden Style Japanese Sliding Door Design Ideas

Great Japanese Sliding Doors with Wooden Floor

Elegant Sliding Door with Luxurious Style

Glass Shower Enclosure Perfect For The Contemporary Bathroom

The installation of sliding door may be the best idea in order to make the best enclosure for the bathroom decoration. It has the minimalist design with the luxurious resort that would become one of the best solutions to those who are having the willingness to get the modern residence design with the minimalist space area.

It has many advantages with the bare minimum that can create the contemporary house approach. This chic design has the best space with the white approach as its basic color decoration.

Here I have some designs of the minimalist sliding door with the incorporated home bathroom with the elegant approach.

One of the examples of the most well-known sliding door is the sliding door with the frameless design that can bring the modern bathroom design with the contemporary sense all the way. It has the minimalist design with the sensible fashion style on how you may get the perfect and also gorgeous decoration for your bathroom with modern fashion.

Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure In An Asian Styled Bathroom

There is also the installation of the smart sliding door with the modern bathroom trend that has the nice design. It can help you in order to get the simple sliding design with the modern appeal in all spaces here. It uses white color as its basic color that would make the soft touch with the sliding door space with the transparent color in white glass decoration all the way.

Gorgeous Shower Area Promises A Spa Like Atmosphere At Home

The minimalist dimension of sliding door would bring the elegant and also great model of decoration of the space. It has the chrome frame design with the particular decoration which would bring the best look of the small bathroom so that it would look great.

Its minimalist design has the modern space that can make the particular design with the contemporary approach in all space which would bring simple design with stylish approach of the minimalist sliding door design all the way.

Modern Minimalist Shower Enclosure Encased In Glass

Compact Shower Space With A Polished Chrome Frame And Clear Glass Shower Door

Sliding Shower Door Enclosures For A Sophisticated Modern Look

Exclusive Bathroom Sliding Door Supports Showered Bathroom

Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure In An Asian Styled Bathroom

Door is one of important part of bathroom that can be designed and created exclusively such bathroom sliding door. Sliding doors is very suitable to be applied for a showered bathroom. A design that is very simple and exclusive makes your bathroom to look more exclusive and luxurious. Sliding door concept for a bathroom specially designed for a bathroom that uses shower as an important device to take a bath.

Bathroom completed by using sliding door are designed exclusively and specially. It is very different with a bathroom that does not use a sliding door in its design. Generally, sliding door created by using glass material. It is very different with a usual bathroom that applies aluminum door or wooden door in its design. Bathroom sliding door design is more interested and exclusive in its design because it is usually used for a bathroom that is applied in a luxurious, exclusive and modern home design.

Nice Little Niche For The Shower Enclosure Saves Up On Space

Lovely Shower Enclosure Design For Those Who Prefer The Darer Hues

It is very important to choose an appropriate design of sliding door for a bath room because it will look more exclusive and luxurious when a sliding door design is suitable with an interior design of a bathroom. A design of door handle also must be appropriated in order to create an exclusive design of sliding door.

A design of interior bathroom is usually created simpler than other rooms in a house. There are some important facilities that must be placed in a bathroom such as hook and place for placing soap and bathing utensil. All of them can be placed exclusively in order to a function of sliding door in creating an exclusive concept for a bathroom can be supported well. it is very important to place a rug in front of a bathroom to keep a clean condition of a floor surrounding bathroom. All of them become good sliding bathroom door ideas that can be applied.

Frameless Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure For A Modern Bathroom

Smart Shower Enclosure With Sliding Doors Ideal For Small Bathrooms

Gorgeous Shower Area Promises A Spa Like Atmosphere At Home

40 Beautiful Sliding Glass Door; Solution to Save Space and Beautify Your Interior

Semi Minimalist Modern Bedrom Employing The Sliding Glass Door

In modern architecture, designer usually integrates connection visually between indoor and outdoor scene by applying large opening and allowing the user to gain views with glass material, as for your home, you can install sliding glass door for same purpose. While only large opening such as windows don’t allow circulation for user, sliding glass door does, and saves space also for the flexibility of sliding, thus you can place some interior furniture near to the door without worrying about being stuck or collide while the door is opened.

Seating Area Separated From The Home Using Sliding Glass Doors

Playful Living Area With Sliding Glass Doors

With the special feature of this door, you can apply it for patio, balcony, or entrance. Generating view between indoor and outdoor with allowing the user to views visually, good partition and separate function perfectly, can be added with blinds as additional to preserve privacy, aesthetically blend in modern concept of design or even classical concept, can be exposed for the frame of steel or wood, applying curtain double the performance of beauty and privacy, there advantages is perfect for your room, don’t you agree? Install it on private room such as bedroom and connect it with balcony with some curtain or blinds for privacy, or in semi public area such as living room and entrance or patio, this is great. Sliding patio door as access to living room or any other room, can be exposed beautifully as your patio design, a nice looking view that can be accessed visually either from patio or next room. It’s perfect.

Large Sliding Glass Doors Offer A View Of The Patio

Contemporary Living Room With Sliding Glass Doors Offers A Spectacular View Outside

Below are images and pictures of sliding glass door for your inspiration if you want to add this very item on your room, whether it’s bedroom, living room, patio or any other room, as you want to expose the view, this door will bring you no disappointment.

These sliding glass door ideas, not only expose outdoor view and integrate it to indoor performance, but also the opposite, thus you can expose your elegant interior to enrich your home performance.

Frosted Glass Sliding Doors Separate The Contemporary Bedroom From The Sleek Bathroom

Exotic Looking Poolhouse Employs Sliding Glass Doors As Walls

Sliding Glass Doors Open Up Leading Into A Stunning And Soothing Patio

Stunning Modern Home With Stylish Sliding Glass Doors




Elegant Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Smart Shower Enclosure With Sliding Doors Ideal For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom becomes an important part inside the house that is used to clean human’s body. In addition to its function, many people try to design clean and elegant design for their bedroom. For this reason, many people try to pick some great designs for their bathroom. Shower is one of many types of bedroom that is often by many people because the shower gives simple and elegant look inside the bedroom. In addition to the shower, the shower room becomes an important room that need to be designed. Some suggestions of sliding door shower enclosure can become a great guide for many people who want to design a shower room inside their house.

Compact Shower Space With A Polished Chrome Frame And Clear Glass Shower Door

There are many designs of sliding door for shower room that can be picked. Many people can be free to pick what kind of sliding door that is suitable for their bedroom. Most of the sliding door for bathroom design has transparent wall glass that can connect the view inside the shower door with the outside view of the bathroom. The sliding door enclosure assures the comfortable of any family member when they take a shower. For this reason, many people become interested in putting this sliding door for their shower room.

Nice Little Niche For The Shower Enclosure Saves Up On Space

Although there are many designs of sliding door shower enclosure that use transparent glass, people still love this sliding door enclosure. There is no problem if the transparent sliding door can expose their body. The frameless sliding door shower enclosure becomes an important sliding door design that is suitable for any house theme. The elegant frameless door can bring a luxurious and elegant atmosphere inside the house. For this reason, this door is suitable for many houses that use elegant house theme for their house. Just pick a suitable sliding door enclosure for any shower room.

Frameless Sliding Glass Door Shower Enclosure For A Modern Bathroom

Elegant Shower Space With Sliding Glass Doors

Modern Minimalist Shower Enclosure Encased In Glass

Glass Shower Enclosure Perfect For The Contemporary Bathroom

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