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Perfect Windows Cleaning Tips as a Good Maintenance for a House

Relaxing Area With Corner Window

Window is one important part of a house which must be noticed in its maintenance by understanding some windows cleaning tips. It is very important to be noticed because a house will look more beautiful, interested that can be show by a clean window. It must be more noticed for a house that uses a large window. Automatically, a house is dominated by large window design, so it is important to keep a window in order to be in a clean condition.

Cleaning a window in a cloudy day is a good trick that must be done because there is no too bright sun light that can make your window not clear or blueprint. Window will look more clean and sparkling without sun light. It means that to use cotton for drying a window watered will get satisfied result. Combination among water, white vinegar, and lemon juice can also help to clean your window easier and to be more sparkling. All of them become good window cleaning tips and tricks that can be tried.

Modern Windows In The Living Room

Wall Of Windows Living Room

A house using a large window as a design dominating a house will look more luxurious and exclusive. A house will look more natural by using a large window designing in every side of room. It is better if window of house always in a clean condition to make a comfortable view inside and outside of house.

There are many tips that can be done to clean a window perfectly. Window is a glass material which needs some tricks to clean it well. Trick in cleaning window must be noticed well because the window will be dirty after cleaned if trick done is wrong. Tips for cleaning window screens become a main focus for people that want to make their house always in a clean and comfortable condition.

Modern Bedroom With Corner Windows

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Clean Bedroom Windows

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Curtain Ideas for Large Windows Especially Created for Important Room

Stunning Curtain Ideas for Large Windows Beautiful Scenery

Curtain ideas for large window have to be noticed in decorating window that has a large size in a house. In this era, there are so many houses that have a large window as one of important parts of the house. Besides to serve a good outside view, large window also has an important role for its function as a house decoration.

Important Rooms that Need Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

Every house has some special rooms or important rooms that usually have a large window. Curtain ideas for large windows are often needed to decorate those rooms maximally and interestingly. Living room and bedroom become important room in a house that usually has a large window. That is why curtain ideas for large windows in living room also must be noticed to decorate a large window interestingly. Curtain ideas for bedroom are also needed to design a large window in your bedroom in order to look more interested and comfortable. Styles of curtain used can affect a room situation directly.

Gorgeous Floral Pattern Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

Awesome Blue Curtain Ideas for Large Windows White Wall

Creative Styles of Curtain Ideas for Large Window

Variations of curtain styles can occur from their material, color, design, and way for applying them in a large window. Curtain ideas for large window have been created with many creative styles. For instance, flower motif, stripped motif, and other interested motifs of curtain that look natural often to be applied for decorating a large window. Actually, curtain color also needs to be noticed. Soft color of curtain combined with other motif such as flower, stripped motif is usually used to decorate a large window.

Color and design of curtain chosen to design a large window is better when they are suitable with a color of room surrounding. A large window needs a large size of curtain to cover it well. That is why color of curtain will dominate a color of room. So it is important to choose a suitable color as part of curtain ideas for large window

Luxury Silk Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

Great Brown Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

Fantastic Red Curtain Ideas for Large Windows with Table and Chair Set for Kid

Beautiful White Curtain Ideas for Large Windows with Yellow Sofa and Wooden Table

Some Helpful Window Cleaning Tips

Wall Of Windows Living Room

Window becomes an eye of the house. In addition to the eye of house, Window becomes one of many parts inside the house that has many advantages for the house. Some advantages that are brought by window are window is used to bring air ventilation and natural illumination ray inside the house. For this reason, many people try to clean the window from any dust that can make the window becomes dirty. Many people assume that it is very easy to clean a window. However, it is not as easy as many people thought since there are many factors that determine the clean rate of window. For this reason, there are some window cleaning tips that are very useful for many people who want to clean their window by their self. By knowing those tips, many people can clean the inside and outside house window to bring clear and beautiful scenery for many people inside the house.

Relaxing Area With Corner Window

Modern Windows In The Living Room

The first tip is about the material that is used to clean the window. Vinegar can be used as a material to clean the house by mixing it with water. Mix the two tablespoon of white vinegar with a gallon of water. The mix of those materials can create a clean and sparkling window. Add lemon juice to bring good scent to the white vinegar. Afterward, pick a soft cotton fabric to clean the window.

Modern Bedroom With Corner Windows

The other tip of window cleaning tips is the window needs to be cleaned on mild weather like cloudy day because the heat and bright illumination ray can disturb any window cleaning activity. For this reason, just clean the window when the weather comes in mild or cloudy day. After the window cleaning activity, just enjoy the new appearance of window like a newly and fresh bought window.

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Fabulous Window Blinds for Extravagant and Optional Item

Wood Blinds Kitchen

Arranging lighting in every house is very important, both for your health and for saving energy. Because of these reasons, sometimes people do not place window blinds to their windows. But, actually in summer season you can block direct sunlight coming inside your home. Not only that feature, this item also can be used to settle your privacy in maximum level when you are inside. As lots people starting to add stylish window blinds, others replace curtains and draperies with this item.

Ultra Modern White Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds Idea

As mentioned above, some people use window blinds instead of using draperies. In fact, there are plenty of beautiful window blinds designs you can put and choose one from. If you are type of person who does not like complicated thing, then you better place roman shades which is very simple to apply. This design is usually made from bamboo, fabrics, or even plastics in various colors and sizes as well. If you do not need it at one time you can hunch it at top of window. But other time when you need this, just lower it.

Sheer Panel Blinds

Roman Shades For The Nursery Room

Window blinds in store are usually horizontal ones. Why not trying the other design, like vertical blinds perhaps? This way the window blinds blend well to any design themes you apply into the room. If you choose brown blinds for covering large windows in a room with white color from floor to ceiling, then add other colors touch to another item. You can put elegant and classy leather bed cover on top of your white bed sheet. Furthermore, combine this with purple and yellow pillows.

Vertical Blinds And Sheers

Modern Vertical Window Blinds

Meanwhile, there are lots of window blinds functions if you hang it thoroughly. First, you will get maximum privacy, and of course you will not get blind if sunrise comes. Next is about effect it gives for your rooms, like adding style especially if you have pattern in that blinds.

Roller Blinds

Home Office With Roman Shades

Elegant Combination to Utilize Bay

Ocean Inspired Bedroom With Bay Window

The tips to utilize bay is important on how it can help people to get the unique bay window design. It has the unique shape model of decoration with the simple space model. You can now get this bets interior model of decoration with the installation of the simple curtain model of decoration. You can now get this design with the contemporary approach. You may get the simple curtain planning with the simple concept progress. It has the best character design with the minimalist concept that has the stunning interior design. This shape has the modern design with the interesting space.

Interesting Design to Utilize Bay

You can use utilize bay tips with the popular designs such as using the construction of building the window seat design that has the favorite design with the blue color as its basic color. This color would make the best comfortable design with the built in installation of the bookshelves area on how you may get the cozy reading place. This is the most recommended place for you to have the simple breakfast combination with the nook area within.

Large Modern Room With Bay Window Seater

Bay Window Use Decoration

Modern Way to Utilize Bay

The other way that can be used is by having the curtain utilize bay with the drapery design. It is one of the best choices that you may try in order to make the complete design with the silk valences model of decoration. IT has the contemporary design with the natural light installation on how you would make the best choice with the fabulous color option. This design has the modern design with the calm color that would make you feel cozy.

It has the white color installation with the elegant design that has the contemporary approach. This design will be the best solution to get the enjoyable model of house decoration. You may now enjoy this decoration with the classic white decoration. It will be the best solution to create the way to utilize bay that would be combined with the modern approach. The curtain installation would make the best touch of best way to utilize bay tips for your house.

Contemporary New York Bedroom With Bay Window

Bay Window Seating

Bay Window Kids Room

Bay Window Design

Traditional Living Room With Bay Window

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