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Colorful Floor Pillow and Cushion Applied in Many Rooms in the House

Catch up on Your Favorite Book Next to the Fireplace as You Sink Into the Floor Pillows

Catch up on Your Favorite Book Next to the Fireplace as You Sink Into the Floor Pillows

As the design that come from Arabian, floor pillow and cushions also can be applied in the house to create comfortable nuance for everyone including the kids. Pillow and cushion applied in the family room can create close relationship among the members of the family and you do not need much furniture to decorate your house.

Applying diy floor pillow in the living room can also create stylish room design. You can start making the colorful pillow combined with wooden table in the middle of the room. You can also additional accessories such as mirror with artistic pattern in the frame or you can decorate the room by using bamboo to create natural theme in the room. Pillow and cushion is also suitable to put in the outdoor. You can put some ethnical carpet with some pillow in the balcony of your house.

Red cushion combined with white sofa is also suitable placed in the living room. To get warm situation in the room, you can apply feather carpet in the floor. Behind the sofa, you can put cactus to create situation like in the dessert inside the living room. Natural theme in the living room also can be created from the using of green color in the form of pillow and the chair in the living room combined with blue cushion and white curtains. Chocolate floor pillow that is put in the living room or recreation room can create elegant view in the room. You also can combine it with the other furniture such as arch lamp or fireplace.

Floor pillows are also suitable to put in the bedroom to get relaxation in doing activities in the bedroom such as reading or doing homework. Floor pillow in the kids’ bedroom can be a playground for them. So you can choose colorful floor pillow for kids in their bedroom to create attractive situation.

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