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Colorful Hanging Fireplace Design Completing the Sweet Home Design

Beautiful Vintage Fireplace Design in Orange with Cream Chair

Beautiful Vintage Fireplace Design in Orange with Cream Chair

Have you designed your house with different hanging fireplace design? This fireplace has the different style with others. This fireplace is designed with the hanging, as we know that the common fireplace style is located under and in the corner of the room. By this design, the architect should have the huge place for it. But, in this hanging fireplace, people just hang it in the ceiling, and the fire will warm the room.

The first fireplace design is the fireplace which is located in the corner of the room. This fire is located like in underground style. About the chimney is hanged in the ceiling and exactly on the fire. The purpose is to keep the smoke go to outside the room and does not give the bad aroma to the room. This ceiling hanging fireplace will give the different design for the house.

Sleek Contemporary Living Room with Solid Wood Desk and Fireplace

Sleek Contemporary Living Room with Solid Wood Desk and Fireplace

The other design of fireplace is about the freestanding fireplaces. This design is little bit different with the hanging fireplaces. Thing freestanding has the tall chimney in the room completed with the fireplace under side. This chimney will guide the fire smoke to outside the house, because this smoke has the bad color and aroma. Therefore people design some chimney for the fireplace. About the location that we can keep the fireplace is the room that people often to stay there, like the living room for family gathering and bedroom for people go to sleep. In this room, fireplace will be needed for the room.

The accessories for the fireplace can be taken from the room furniture. the silver aluminum fireplace will be suitable with the colorful furniture, because the silver color has the neutral color that can be matched with all the colors. For addition, we can give the wood places near the fireplace, because this fireplace can be used just with the woods. By all of those designs, we can design our home with modern hanging fireplace to make the sweet home.

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