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  1. Tony Phan says:

    Hi, I am looking for a sliding garage door 15ftW x 7.5ftH.
    Could you please refer me to someone?
    Thank you,

    Cupertino, CA resident

  2. Thomas Hynds says:

    We are interested in getting 2 sliding doors (would like wooden louvered doors) that have the outside track. The door is. Standard height and 32 inches wide. Can we get and info on costs?

  3. Teresa says:

    I would like to speak to someone regarding getting a quote for sliding barn doors for a divison between a master retreat and master bedroom. I am an interior designer and would like this as quick as possibly.


    Thank you!

  4. Patricia says:

    how do i go about buying these products? i’m intereseted int he dividing sliding door? or anything like this. What do i need to do?

  5. Susan Malone says:

    Looking for room divider you have on the webpagein the room divider archive.It is a hanging wall divider. I would like to find this item. Help

  6. Mrs Hussein says:

    I find it difficult to purchase “Stanley Sliding Mirror door hinges”
    Please and you advise me where to get them “17-1610″ for the top rail.
    Please help.

  7. The 1st picture on you site show exactly the curtains we want for our sliding door! Where are they available? To clarify, they are brown with a darker trim on the edges with grommet top.

  8. I am interested in hanging wall dividers.


  9. Jean says:

    hi, i have a customer that need a push bottom to their sliding door. can please send me a contact email to whom can i communicate.
    my e-mail add is

  10. Michelle Lordi says:

    Looking for pricing on the sliding glass door shutters, I have a standard 5ft-6ft opening. Thank you.

  11. F Chu says:

    need a patio cliding door w/ blind inside

  12. Chris Paul says:

    We have a section in our church we need some dividers for floor to ceiling that is like an acordian style or such to fold up back and forth. Or other possible ideas. The area size is 13ft 7.5in. long and 7ft 11in floor to ceiling. If this is something you could handle please give me a call at our church at (641) 472-5205 and ask for Pastor Chris. We are in Fairfield, Iowa.

  13. Jerry James says:

    Do you sell sliding screen door kit for garage door 17×7 that I can install.If you do please let me know a price plus shipping to Fort Worth Texas 76114
    Thank you,Jerry

  14. Maureen Dawson says:

    Can you tell me where the fabric shown in the first window teatment under “How to choose kitchen curtain window treatments ideas” can be purchased or who the manufacturer is. The background is white with blue/gray and green flowers of some sort on it and also looks like it has a solid blue/gray trim.

    thank you…

  15. Jerry James says:

    I would like to buy a sliding screen garage door kit. How can I order it?
    Thanks, Jerry

  16. Roger says:

    I am looking for somewhere to get the french door with dog door. Can you send me in the right direction?

  17. Debbie Yoder says:

    I have been looking for an Andersen Patio Sliding Door with Blinds between the glass.
    It looks like you do have them. Can you tell me where i can purchase one.
    Thank you,
    Debbie Yoder

  18. Lois Neal LaFayette says:

    I am interested in having mirrored glass shoji doors installed in my home.

  19. Dora Delgado says:

    Do you carry single doors with built-in shutters ? This is for a back door leading to the backyard. It is a single door.
    Thank you.

  20. Cheryl mccormack says:

    I want to get a quote on sound proofing room dividers for a first floor renovation at our hotel thanks

  21. steve says:

    How do i order or purchase the Ikea room divider?

  22. Dear Sliding Door Treatments,

    My company has a tech support area that is currently an open space with a bunch of desks and chairs. We have a lot of customer complaints about cross talk and interference. We were hoping to instal some soundproofing and cubicle-like structures to help with the noise level.

    Would you have any advice or products? Or maybe be able to come in and give us a quote?

    Looking forward to your response.


  23. Natural Dream Living Sagl says:

    Dear Sir,
    we are a company of carpentry, we must lay a garage door opening dimensions of light, 5.72 m long x 2.16 height.
    We want to have the following information:

    1) you have sliding door of this size or slightly more narrow adaptable to the required size?

    2) sliding door available with two remotes?

    3) the openings can be either to the left and to the right? Or is the opening only of one side ?

    4) Could we have the describe of the laying techniques for verifying if the feasibility kit it’s possible ?

    5) Cost of sliding garage door and shipping in Switzerland

    6) Give you guarantees for the automation and structure, if yes how many years ?

    7) The panels of the garage door are insulators? What materials ?

    8) What colors are available?

    9) Delivery and payment terms.

    Pending receipt of the information requested above and your best offer, thank you and best regards.

    natural dream living salg
    Mr. Primucci
    Lugano/ Switzerland
    tel. +41 76 470 00 24

  24. TOM says:

    i have a garage opening approx. 7 high x 8 wide I am looking for a 3 section sliding screen door how much would that cost i live in levittown NY. 11756

  25. jason roy says:

    I am looking for a sliding glass door with built in blinds. I do not want a pull string, but more of a lever for the blind control. The opening is 6′ wide by 80″ height. Please let me know if this is something you could help me with.


    Jason Roy

  26. Gary says:

    I live in Orange County CA and would like more info on purchasing a sliding door shutter window treatment.

  27. randy cole says:

    what major sliding glass door manufacturers have blinds installed between the glass panes and are storm rated

  28. lynn says:

    Hi, I need a room divider for a large space. IS there a number I reach someone at?

  29. The small bumper piece on my shower door snapped in two. It is made of a clear product …possibly a strong plastic of some kind . My shower was installed when our house was constructed in .2004 . I don’t know the model number . It’s a plain one unit shower with plain sliding ripply plexiglass , I assume . Our local plumber who did the installation passed away about a year ago so I don’t have that source for information and I’m 94 years old and live alone and I’m not able to get down to see if there are any identifying numbers that ,might be of help to determine the bumper needed .
    From the information I’ve given are you able to tell what type of bumper I do need ?
    Thank you .

  30. Michael Doman says:

    Great Ideas! Looking for a simple solution to separate a closet from bedroom, which would not use much space for swing type doors. The accordian door seems like the prefect solution. I would like prices and widths available.

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