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Cool Modern Open Plan House Addition with Minimalist Interior

Amushing Straircase of Iron in Propeller Z House

Amushing Straircase of Iron in Propeller Z House

The flag is a unique modern open plan house designed by Propeller Z, an architectural firm in Vienna. The 590 addition structure was built by 70,000 Euros budget and is used as a new modern kitchen and living space. The house location itself has an advantage of elevated terrain with a beautiful view to its surrounding, and not taking advantage of this view is a stupidity. With the floor-to-ceiling glasses and the magnificent opening toward its surroundings, the new structure is just too beautiful to miss by every eye in the world.

Using local material, the designers tried to press down these modern open plan house designs budget as low as possible. Wooden beam and concrete is used for floor and wall, not only make the budget much cheaper, but also decrease the building cost significantly. The home insulation system only use recycled newspaper to make it more eco-friendly, while the open floor plan also decrease the electricity cost of lighting. Smart, isn’t it?

Sleek Design of Batroom with Glass of Windows  with Wooden Floor in Propeller Z House

Sleek Design of Batroom with Glass of Windows with Wooden Floor in Propeller Z House

When you see this minimalist home addition, the spacious and the simplicity of the design is greatly appealing. There are not so many decorations; just some couple functional and minimalist furniture to keep the home feels comfortable and appealing at the same time. It is divided into 3 main areas: the living room at the corner, the simple dining area at the center, and the minimalist kitchen at the other end. There is no complicated furniture, just some basic thing that keeps the interior design simple and cozy.

This home addition shows us an idea on how we can renovate our home to be a more beautiful design by open up our interior to the world. The open plan is just a thing that makes us love the world in our surrounding, so we can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere right from inside of our own home. Well, we hope you like these modern open plan house plans, and please take a look some pictures below for more details about it.

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