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Creative Interior Design for Your Minimalist House

Transparent Glazed Doors In White Painted Wooden Residence

An Interior Design can be one consideration for you in decorating your house. The house can looks simplier, luxurious, nice, beauty, or crowded, is basically based on your choice for the interior design. The furniture is also influencing but the design is much more. Now, there are some references on how you can arrange the house, so that the house looks prettier.

Here, we have some pictures. In the first picture, you can see how the house is designed in simple way. There is a stairs in dark color in front of the house. It creates the house is higher rather than the garage or parking place. Either the door or the windows, they are made from glasses therefore people can see inside the house. Interior design ideas can be good references for you to have a home like this.

Wooden Chairs And Table With White Candles Placed On Wooden Floor In Open Pation

White And Glazed Doors With Balcony Outside

Now, when you step in to the dining room, you can feel the warmth in this place. There is a long table in wood materials in dark brown color. On the other hand, the cabinet of the kitchen is in white and grey color. The floor is made from wood in bright brown color with a black rug in white border under the dining table. The dining table itself has black color made from wood, while the chairs have the same color with the kitchen floor.

Brown With Wooden Chairs And Wooden Table Placed On Black With White Striped Carpet

Wooden Cabinets With White Table Surface In Kitchen

The most favorite place where you can see the beautiful scenery of the city from it is the bed room. The bedroom has a big and large window with white curtains and makes the room is very bright when the curtain is opened. There is one suite bed which is very comfortable in the center of the room in grey color. Under the bed, there is a black warm and convey carp covers the bright brown wooden floor. This interior design makes your house is very comfortable. Interior Design Innovation is your right choice.

Wooden And Dot Chair Next To Glazed Window With White Curtain In Bedroom

Glazed Shower Area Door In Front Of Mirror With Bedroom Background

Glazed Wall Divide The Bathtub And Washbasin

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