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Dazzling Luxurious Marble Home Interior Design; Get Amazed by It!

Indoor Swimming Pool Completed With White Rounded Lamp

Dazzling luxurious marble home interior design fulfill your need on luxurious design. Since we can find it anywhere, for you who want to design your home luxurious, different decoration will make your home looks extraordinary. Different interior will help you fulfill your need to have dazzling luxurious marble home interior design, although every luxurious design is almost the same. There is a house designed in luxury in Tribeca, New York City, USA. This house is mostly built by white marble combination at some spaces. The marble itself automatically gives you luxurious nuance and impression.

There is lounge space with indoor swimming pool in white marble space. Looks extravagant? For sure, it does. This house is built with glazed wall on it. The lounge space is placed in it. It is completed with red sofa combined with white chairs on white rug in wooden space. Move on to the bedroom. Dazzling luxurious marble home interior design is also represented on this bedroom. The glazed window gives you outside view near the bed. There is red dressing table placed on the bedroom. The bathroom also gives you luxurious impression. The white bathroom equipped with glazed wall and wooden table, with striped white floor equipped with glazed wall, and small mirror above washbasin with marble wall create a deluxe bathroom.

Red Sofa Combined With White Chairs On White Rug In Wooden Space

Red Table Near White Bed In White Bedroom

Luxurious White Bathroom Equipped With Glazed Wall And Wooden Table

Striped White Bathroom Equipped With Glazed Wall For Shower Area

Inside the house, there is a kitchen with wooden kitchen table and cabinets in white space. The householders put red vintage chair and wooden rounded table with artistic sculpture placed in a ‘meeting’ room. A wooden bench with large table near unique-framed mirror beautifully placed in white wall. For stairs, there is perfect combination within white marble stair and silver curved stair. White space that is equipped with brown interior added with brown sofa combined with wooden chairs and table sweeten its look. Are you inspired? Try it!

Wooden Kitchen Table And Cabinets In White Space

Red Vintage Chairs And Wooden Rounded Table With Artistic Sculpture Placed Under Beautiful Chandelier

Luxurious White Marble Stair With Silver Curved Stair

Brown Sofa Combined With Wooden Chairs And Table On White Furry Rug

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