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Dazzling White Colored Room and Its Stunning Decoration

Cozy White Rooms

White is one of neutral color that can be applied into various designs and themes. The purity effect of white color is often forgotten over various vivid tones. But, white is actually also considered as sending out sleek and simple look.

Moreover, be careful when choosing this color to apply to white colored room theme as it is ‘fragile’ enough to make designers failing in making designs. Do not forget to create accent colors as well to even more accentuate the white color one.

Related to this situation, consider this white colored room design which have white color for ceiling, smooth-look of walls, and floor tiles. It shines better when colorful furniture is used.

For example, orange bedstead is added to bedding area, along with dark purple bed sheet and colorful striped pillows. Some furnishings are still in white tone though, such as wardrobe and bookshelves. As final touch, roll out colorful striped rug above the icy shine flooring surface.

White Bedroom Design Ideas With Orange Bed

Classy and elegance are what people will get by choosing white color as dominating color. But there are some points to follow, such as wooden ceiling arranged in horizontal order and has white finish. Walls are also the same like the above arrangement but in vertically order.

Sectional sofas are placed in front of television, which consist of white wooden couch and white cushions. Little touch of color can be seen from reclaimed woods made into dining table and chairs.

White Living Room Design Idea

The rule of thumb when designing a room in white color is to use bold colors massively to make the space looks stronger. Or, it can be used as well to accentuate the white color itself, when other neutral colors or vivid tones are chosen. Then, decorating white colored room design can be done by placing various furnishings and items in those colors, and depends on what people choose.

Beautiful White Living Room Design

Bright White Bedroom Design Gorgeous Views

Sophisticated And Elegant White Dining Room Design

White Modern Bathroom With Decorative Elements

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