Primitive Window Treatments

Primitive curtains

Designing Primitive Window Treatments

Using primitive curtains to enhance your home’s look

primitive window treatments

primitive window treatments

The one thing that gives your house, or particularly your living room, a complete and modern look is the primitive window treatments. They are indeed the one thing that can make or break your house. If you have the right natural window treatments then it can give a really pleasant and comfortable look to your house.

While thinking over window treatments people often wonder how to make inexpensive window treatments? There are a bunch of ideas for that. You only have to purchase the right thing and use a little of your own creativity to come up with innovative designs. If you live in an old house then you may have primitive window treatments that may be fixed into the plaster or the wall of your home. It is difficult to decorate these window treatments but you can do that with a little help from this article.

Primitive curtains are one of the best ways to decorate your window treatments.  You can choose  simple and colorful curtains for your windows. This can give you a pleasant look instantly. The choice of the color can depend upon the color scheme of your room. You can also use primitive drapes.

Example of primitive curtains

primitive curtains

primitive curtains

You can also decorate your primitive window treatments with wall décor.  It is very easy and inexpensive to cut strips of wallpapers and place them along the edge of your window treatments. In this way you can easily decorate the  perimeter of your windows. If you don’t want to use wallpapers then,  you can also paint the border of your windows with any color or design you want.

If you don not want the people to get irritate from unwanted light, and want to prevent them  from peeking, you can install blinds on your primitive window treatments. Since, blinds cover only the center of your window, the border of your windows which you have designed will still be visible.

An example of using primitive drapes

primitive drapes

primitive drapes

Some people like to have sunlight in their rooms. If you want to maintain privacy and let some sunlight in, you can use shades. You can look into different designs of shades on calico window treatments. They are the best way to decorate your window treatments in an elegant manner.

There are many ways you can decorate your window treatments. It is all about how you want your treatments to be. You can take a look at American window treatments for help. There are many options for inexpensive window treatments that you can choose from to give your living room a pleasant décor while staying in your budget.

Gallery of primitive window treatments

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