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Elegant Contemporary Bathroom Atmosphere

Smart Bathroom With Red Color Decor

As we know, a great and comfortable bathroom is not only seen from its benefits, but also aesthetic value, which can be achieved in a contemporary bathroom. There are actually many themes you can use for your bathroom, from the traditional to modern themes.

In this article, you can also apply a contemporary style with modern touch for the bathroom. This bathroom style has a simple yet futuristic design which attempt to reduce the impression of rigid and heavy environment.

Contemporary style always avoids complicated detail, such as patterned sidewall or bathtub. Non functional furniture is rarely placed in a contemporary room. Contemporary style exists to create orderly and neat room interior, and uses small accessory that can sweeten the room interior. Modern contemporary bathroom only uses furniture that can create a pleasant bathing experience.

Elegant Brown Color Accents Bathroom Design

As in the pictures, combine two or three colors alone will create the impression of neutral, monochromatic, much less elegant bathroom. Not only the color, your attention should also be focused on the structure arising from the use of the material for the floor, walls, ceiling, and sanitation along with accessories. To determine material that will be use, use materials with a smooth surface like glass or stainless steel.

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You can also provide your bathroom a simple decorative element to increase bathroom attractiveness, along with the other elements in it to create an interesting composition. Colors and accessories will lead to more vibrant contemporary impression.

If possible, the bathroom must obtain sufficient sunlight. Use glass blocks or skylights to facilitate the natural light in the room. This appliance can also be a way out to reduce moisture. Contemporary bathroom design can also be combined with other themes, such as a modern theme or minimalist style.

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