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Elegant Curtain Design for Windows to be applied in Your House

Awesome Classic Style Curtain Designs for Windows Gray Color Ideas

Applying curtain design for windows is very important to make your house looks more elegant. In addition, a curtain has a function to close and cover your glass window therefore people from the outside cannot see what’s inside your room. It can also be functions to protect your interior from heat of the sun.

Here, we have some pictures that will give you inspiration about applying curtain for your rooms. Like what you see in the picture, an elegant curtain in creamy color is placed in the girl teenage room. The curtain has a fabric material which looks very gentle. It is very nice and lovable.

It gives different accent in your house. It is important to be noted that if you want to apply a curtain you need to adjust it with the wall paintings color. Curtain design for windows ideas like this also has the same color and simple design like the bedroom have.

Fabulous Creamy Curtain Design for Windows Teenage Bedroom

In the next picture you can see the room is dominated in blue and white color combination. The blue curtains are placed in the corner of the glass window. It has the same color with the furniture in the living room.

The wall has white color and does the floor. It looks very natural and gives feeling like you are living in the sky. The room looks fresher. If you love blue color, it is a very nice window to be applied in your house.

Extravagant Curtain Design for Windows in White Theme Living Room

For elegant design, you can choose to apply the curtain like in the next picture. The room is dominated in gold color and white color combination. The room looks very elegant.

You can see the white window is covered by a white long big window which is arranged like a ribbon. The curtain is very elegant therefore you have to apply this if you seek elegancy. Curtain design for windows pictures like this is a very lovely design for luxury.

Luxury Curtain Designs for Windows with White and Gold Color Theme Ideas

Beautiful Classic Curtain Designs for Windows White Cream Color Ideas

Magnificent White Brown Floral Decor Curtain Designs for Windows

Amazing Green Modern Style Bright Accents Curtain Designs for Windows

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