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Elegant Home Interior with Ocean View

Contemporary Bathroom At The Bronte House

A home interior has many varieties. For you who have a beach house with ocean view, this article can be a very good reference because we will discuss about one of elegant home design which is located in Sydney. Do you want to know? Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see a very elegant design of the house. From here, we can see that the house is dominated in blue color like color of the ocean. The ceiling is high and it is made from wooden materials in brown color white there is a square hole in the ceiling which makes the house looks more natural and stylist.

Bronte House In Sydney

In the back yard, there is a swimming pool which has blue water that looks very cold. You can jump into the water when the sun goes high and hit in the evening. Home interior design like this will make you feel comfortable to spend your hot day.

Terrace With Wonderful Ocean Views

In the next picture, we can see the kitchen which is placed in the second floor of the house. The dining table is made from wooden materials and it has a combination of white cabinetry in marble materials and abstract patterns.

The floor has wooden materials in brick patterns while the ceiling has stripes pattern in vertical and horizontal design. From here, you can see the beautiful scenery of Blue Ocean in through the glass window.

Ergonomic Kitchen With Dining Area

Near by it, you can see the kitchen has a very wonderful place, a living room. Why we say it is a wonderful place? Since the living room is designed in modern design and it has creamy color which makes us feel calm of being here, you can see the blue ocean and its waves are getting closer through the glass window.

It is a very lovable place for you to live with your family. You will always feel like you have holiday everyday. Home interior design ideas like this will make you feel warm.

Seating Area Next To The Fireplace

View Of The Patio Space At The Bronte House

Dining Space At The Bronte House

Sliding Glass Doors Offer Ample Ventilation

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