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Elegant Modern House Interior to Get a Homey House and Luxury

Elegant Long Narrowed Master Bathroom with Black Side Wall for Showering and Bathing

Having modern house interior is a simple idea for you to remodel your house and make it beautiful. There are various modern house interior that you can take as reference but here, we have some pictures about this modern house with modern interior design.

Look at the picture. The house is very nice dominated in white color. There are spacious front yard with beautiful garden and pool. The pool is placed in the right side of the front yard and the garden is placed in the left side of the house. The house looks very homey and comfortable for you to live here. Do you want to see the interior design of the house? Here we go.

Fresh White Details of Courtyard Area with Yellow Chairs and Blue Pool

When you come into the house, you will see it looks very rustic and classy of wooden wall applied in the house. The sofa looks very stylist and cool with brown color. The sofa is placed near by the glass wall covered by gentle curtain in golden color.

The floor is placed in the granite materials in abstract pattern in brown and white color combination. Near by it, there is a dining table in white color surrounded by eight white and green color combinations.

Wonderful Dining and Living Room Area with Colorful Gallery

The kitchen cabinetries are made form wooden materials in brown color with natural wood pattern. It gives the room different accent. The kitchen cabinetries are very cool and stylist therefore you will feel happy to cook delicious foods here.

The bedroom is designed neatly. The wall is made form wooden materials with violet bed in the middle of the room. The room is very comfortable for you. This is an incredible design that you can take as reference. Modern house interior design ideas like these will be a very nice idea for you who want to remodel your house nd make it more stylist.

Exclusive Kitchen Interior Setting with Wood Details on the Built in Cabinetry

Luxurious Master Bedroom Interior Design with Timber Wall Divider

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