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Exciting Tropical Bathroom Make Every Day as Holiday

Tropical Modern Bathroom

One way to keep your life nurture with holiday theme is by using tropical bathroom theme for your rejuvenating moments. It will never hurts to see some greenery inside the bathroom or feel the ocean touch in it since those elements really can make you relax and soothing your minds. Having bath in the tropical bathroom surely going to make every bath time becomes very exciting.

Tropical climate usually are determine with the use of tropical greenery which is different from other climate plants. You can see the emerald green accent in this beautiful tropical bathroom makes your bath time seems like done outdoor especially with the use of glowing ceiling with beam ceiling.

Bathroom With A Tropical Garden View

Notice on how the contemporary tropical bathroom makes statement with placing tropical flowers over tall wooden vase next to the bathroom vanity. The glass door allows you to feel the outdoor bathing even though you are in this bathtub. Showering with surrounding with natural stone wall and flooring also will make every bath time in tropical bathroom ideas become valuable.

Contemporary Tropical Bathroom

There is nothing more intriguing than having tropical sea bathroom theme. You can adapt the deep blue ocean by using gradation of blue shimmer mosaic tiles for bathroom wall tiles. Notice how the uneven color tone is actually like reflecting the sea glam in this modern bathroom. Literally tropical bathroom with ocean theme is absolutely seen in this house by the sea bathroom.

Watching the sea from a far while lying inside the bathtub is really a please that no one can take away from you. Fish net décor on the ceiling, shell skin pendant lamp, wooden cabinet and wooden lazy chair is right there to bring nature touch.

Bathroom With Blue Mosaic Tiles

Blue And White Tropical Bathroom

Even if you have small tropical bathroom, the sea accent can be seen boldly. Imagine this rustic wooden bathtub will look fabulous with the use of aquamarine towels on the wall and the use of White Sea urchin mirror that is attach in the front of bathroom sink.

For simple tropical bathroom theme, you can have sea creature décor and place it on the shelves on the wall. Keep the dry and clean sea creature over transparent glass jar and arrange it on the wall. The aquamarine candles will fit perfectly in this tropical bathroom design ideas in simple tone.

Outdoor Sink In A Beach Bathroom

Traditional Beachy Bathroom

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