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Extravagant Family Home for Childhood and Adulthood

Amazing Living room with a fabulous book display Interior Style

Amazing Living room with a fabulous book display Interior Style

The best place in the world for gathered was a family home and to spend a lot of time. The shelter absolutely offer a plenty, comfortable and enjoyable. Looking for some? You can imitate this quiet dwelling in Sharon, Israel. It has located in a little farming community with no busy. This fabulous contemporary home was surrounded by homes and give off an old world Israeli. It designed to get less worried with opulence and pleasant.

How spectacular that house. The entire house separated into four main sections in spacious area. One main building accompany with three units. The living quarter fit for adolescents, between child rooms and adult room. The structure is helps the members to make sure enough privacy for everyone required. To connect the main living space with the living space for the younger was achieved by a transparent corridor. It called home inside home.

The ground floor is consists of living room, dining area and ergonomic kitchen. An open living concept has large space allow to another effortlessly. High ceiling and glass window give airy space. A steel staircase in curved will lead the way to the main bedrooms and the quarter levels.

Large wall cabinet in the family home decor contains some books for the member family. White couch give comfortable seating feel in the library, organized in U form. Put a cup of tea and dessert above the oval glass table and enjoy the world outside. Interesting rug in blue made a striking view among the white scheme.

Gray tones, earthen shades and cool atmosphere are the perfect combination to build that elegant residence. The real highlight spread beautiful view outside. Refreshing pools is in front of the houses. Enjoy the relaxing moment from lazy chairs after swimming. Grassy lawns allow dominantly landscape. That was truly a modern family home decor which gives sophisticated ever.

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