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Extravagant Vintage Hotel Wraped in Love Accents in Paris

Asian Inspired Landscape with an Amazing Natural Koi Pond

Asian Inspired Landscape with an Amazing Natural Koi Pond

Classic but romantic, that is the most perfect word to describe this vintage hotel in Paris, the Sofitel Hotel. It’s located near the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysées. It has five Prestige Suites, 66 Luxury Guestrooms, 27 Superior Guestrooms, 11 Premium Junior Suites, 13 Junior Suites, and two Apartments. This is the real luxurious hotel which could make anyone who checked in feel so classy and exclusive.

Guests will be welcome with the shiny Sofitel vintage hotel signs in such a beautiful illumination. The exterior design of hotel is united with the environment situation, It has a really elegant color with some arch architecture which representing some romantic hotel lines on there. With the bright color, it has a black and cream colors combination to make the whole building look very elegant. Olivia Putman as the French designer is brilliant with noticing the Paris taste on the hotel building, Anyone who walk around will always make a glance on the building. With no doubt!

Now, we’re going inside the hotel rooms. Instead of the classic design like the exterior of the hotel, the interior hotel room design has a very contemporary design which really nice and sweet in color. It has rich furniture wrapped in such chic and cozy appearance. There are several room themes that you can pick easily on the catalog. The hotel corridor also designed in a beautiful modern finish with the marble wall design. Lot of hotel features and furniture, this hotel was perfectly known what their guest needs!

Sofitel must be proud with their building architecture. It has a unique hotel design which always representing the Paris value on them. It serves the guest in a best quality of the hotel. With its vintage hotel neon signs that always welcoming the guest, there’s no doubt to make this hotel as the most romantic hotel building in Paris.

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