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Fabulous Garden Design with A Cozy Layout Arrangement

Amazing Landscape View of the Albatross Residence from the Ocean

Amazing Landscape View of the Albatross Residence from the Ocean

Located on Connecticut, this garden design by Peter Wooster is representing the green paradise with full amazing plants arrangement. The garden is actually built in large space with a soft green grass that makes anyone who stepped in feel in so much comfort. With the help of Rob Girard, this garden also becomes more complete and rich with the plants.

The first thought when come through this garden design plans is a calm situation. This place is really perfect to find some inspiration. The flower collections are attractive and impressive. It has a variety of the flower collections. With a good object like these flower arrangement, it will be very nice to learn macro photography in here. The situation around the garden also looks very green. You can have that blue sky panorama that feels in the garden.

The green grasses on the garden also make the design look very cozy. In a sunny day, this area will very good for family time. The fragrant of the park makes anyone who smells it would love it. There’s two old wooden chairs placed on the center of the garden. It makes an additional function for the garden as the simple sitting area to spend the day in such a relaxing garden situation. With a minimalist garden layout, this idea can be applied in almost of all backyards.

It’s not a big surprise if Mr. Wooster loves to spend the times in this garden. It has a stunning plants and chill condition which is very good for the elderly. This garden can be used for the yoga session and all stress healing activity. The basic thing that you have to know before creating the amazing garden like this is by making some plans first. Continue to scroll down to see garden design plans pictures and be inspired!

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