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Fascinating Two Story Home with Contemporary Style

Amazing Interior Design in the Lakeshore House in Potsdam

Amazing Interior Design in the Lakeshore House in Potsdam

This two story home is located in German, and was designed by famous architecture studio in Berlin Archibald Buro. This home has unique design. You can see the exterior design of this home is extraordinary. The facade of this home is made of material of stainless. That stainless material bring futuristic and edgy look in to this home. You can also see some green color in the exterior of the home. That green color really blends with the trees and the green grass around the home.

This home is completed with two kind of terrace. The first terrace is located in up stairs and the other one is located in the backyard. Both of the terrace offering beautiful view around the house. You can see, this home is such a contemporary two story home styles based the interior design of the home. So let’s come inside the home and see the interior detail there.

Imposing Washtub and Sink in the Lakeshore House in Potsdam

Imposing Washtub and Sink in the Lakeshore House in Potsdam

We can see in the picture, this home is composed by the living room, the dining room, the open kitchen, the sleeping rooms, the bathroom and open terrace. Every room in this home really beautiful and has contemporary scheme. First you can see the living room design. The living room is furnished with red sofa which is really edy and chic. That living room is also completed with beautiful lamp that has contemporary look.

The other room that really stylish in this home is the kitchen area. The kitchen area in this home is dominated with red color. The red color blends with wooden material which is really awesome and feminine. You can see in the picture, the wall cabinet has red shiny look which is really glamour. That kitchen is really sophisticated isn’t it?. So do you interested to have two story home architectural styles like this?


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