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Feasible Instant Bathroom Shelves for Extra Storage

Luxury Shelf Storage Tier Instant Bathroom Shelves

It is not need to think of expensive bathroom storage if you can try to apply these instant bathroom shelves. Minimalist bathroom having small space requires practical bathroom appliances in order to keep the effectiveness and practicality.

These instant shelves will provide the sufficient storage for bathroom equipments starts from towels until bathing items. The designs are sleek and the Do It Yourself shelves are easy to create. Pieces of woods are the only essential materials needs.

If you would like to use this DIY instant bathroom shelves, you can easily make it. All you need to do is cut the woods into desired pieces, paint them in desired color, and then install them on the bathroom wall. Bright color is the best choice for minimalist bathroom. These mounted simple shelves can be the storage for towels and the other decorative bathroom items, such as candles and aromatherapy bottles.

Magnificent Instant Bathroom Shelves Vanity Sun Burst Design

White is also perfect for the monochromatic bathroom interior color theme. White open shelves are perfect to be placed by the bath tub and dresser. Besides it is easy to reach, it is also savvy and practical. This is suitable for minimalist bathroom applying classical accent. Large wall mirror without frames is the perfect match to these open shelves.

Classic chandelier in silver color adds the luxury in this monochromatic bathroom. Still in classic mode, steel shelves can be used as the instant shelves especially for minimalist bathroom applying traditional style. Towels and bathing equipment can be placed here together with the other natural decoration such as green plants or fresh flowers.

Fabulous Instant Bathroom Shelves White Tub Modern Design Ideas

Extravagant Minimalist Instant Bathroom Shelves Storage Design Ideas

White mounted shelves are also still the best choice for the small space bathroom. Install the white shelves right besides the closet and all of bathroom items can be kept here. Sleek instant bathroom shelves do not only provide the extra storage but they are also feasible in designs.

Small Space Organizing Shelving Instant Bathroom Shelves Design

Extraordinary Modern Minimalist Instant Bathroom Shelves Glasses Shower Room

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