french door roman shades

french door roman shades installation

French Door Roman Shades – Hang Installation

A Guide to Hang French door Roman Shades Installation

Hang French door roman shades installation is essential thing to know.  A French door or we can know it as French window is a door, which is made from glass panels. This door is completed by wooden frame for each of its panels. Installing a French door it means you will let natural lights and fresh air come into your room properly. You can also use this door as your room divider, so your room will look larger than before.

French Door Roman Shades

Besides that, if you install this door for your room, it can be aesthetic touch in your room exactly. Your room will look dramatic to enjoy. For a simple example is when you install this door to separate your kitchen onto the patio room. A French door can be used in any home, because it is multipurpose.

The Steps of Hang French door Roman Shades Installation

If you do not know how to start in hanging French door roman shades, let us give you information about that here. You should know the measurement of your French door first. By using a tape measure, decide the length and the width of your French door, write it down in a piece of paper to remember. Then, you have to decide which side you want to hang the roman shades for your French door. Next, measure the width of the top part of French door hanging. After that, you take the loop Velcro strip, and then attach it to the front of the top rail part. Do that for each of door. Straighten the loop Velcro strip close to the edge of the top part of rail.

French Door Roman Shades Installation

The next step is drill shallow holes into the door and attaches the top rail part to each of door. You extend the cords out from each shade, place the shades on a chair near the door, and then turn the shades over until the backside of the shade is upward. Then, attach the hook from the Velcro strip to the backside of the top shade above the end part of the cord. Next, you should lift each cord; thread it through the cord eyelet on the top of rail. You should hang your French door roman shades installation by using shade’s cord in left side and right side.

Hang French door Roman Shades Installation in Assortments

Hang Roman Shades French Door

Sometimes, you will need to make your room darken or you want to get some privacy in your room. We have some variations in Roman shades; keep on reading to get inspiration. First type is bamboo shades, this roman shades will filter too much natural lights from outside beautifully. An authentic look will you have if you hang this roman shade. Second type is blackout shade; this shade will block the natural lights completely. Thus, they will be perfect for bedroom or nursery room. If you want a modern contemporary look enter your room, you have to choose the third type, it is hobbled shade. Which one you will choose as your hang French door roman shades installation, then?

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