french doors with sidelights

interior french doors with sidelights

French Doors with Sidelights – Interior Parts

Stylish Interior French Doors with Sidelights

French Doors with Sidelights

Interior French doors with sidelights contribute to the beautiful design of the house. The sidelights allow the outside light to shine into the room. Therefore, the sidelights make the room look wider and brighter. For these reasons, adding sidelights on the interior French doors is worth the trouble.

Installing interior French doors with sidelights

It is best to hire professional constructors to install doors with sidelights to get the best result. However, if someone have all the equipment that is needed to install the doors and are used to doing construction tasks, he/she might install the doors by himself/herself. The best type of doors to be installed without the service of professional constructors is the pre-hung doors. Pre-hung doors mean the door slabs are already installed to frames. Therefore, customers do not need to build frames on the openings of the door and just need to install the pre-hung doors to the openings of the door.

Interior French Doors with Sidelights

Customers need to measure the openings of the door carefully to get the proper size of the interior French doors with sidelights. Use steel retractable measuring tape to complete this task. Measure the width and height of the door openings. For installation, make sure to prepare all the equipment needed such as builder level, wood shims, nails, screws, screwdriver, hammer, etc. Prepare the door openings carefully. Make sure their sides are smooth and leveled. Slide the doors into the door openings. Make sure the doors are leveled by placing wooden shims behind the hinges of the doors. Use nails and screws to fix the doors. Install insulation between the jambs. Decorate the doors by installing casing and trim pieces.

Window treatments for interior French doors with sidelights

The sidelights for interior French doors provide additional light to the room. However, to avoid the room to become too bright, window treatments can be installed on the sidelights of the doors. Besides providing a control over the light shining into the room, window treatments also provide some privacy to the room and decorate the doors with stylish design. There are a lot of types of window treatments that can be chosen for sidelights of interior French doors such as stained glass, curtains, window films, and so on. Stained glass is the most beautiful choice of window treatments for sidelights of doors. Stained glass can be made according to the customers’ demands of designs and colors. Stained glass is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. Curtains give traditional look to the doors but they match with any designs. Window films are cheap yet decorative window treatments for sidelights. Have fun choosing the stylish window treatments for interior French doors with sidelights.

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