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Gorgeous Modern White Interior Design inside a Small Spanish Apartment

Amushing and Nice Lamp in Ceramic House Madrid Spain

Amushing and Nice Lamp in Ceramic House Madrid Spain

If you need any ideas about modern white interior design, this beautiful home from Madrid can be a good inspiration about it. Developed by Spanish designed Hector Ruiz-Velazquez, this small apartment is full of white color scheme that really appealing to see. The small area is transformed into a simple makeover into very nice living space, with easy communication between spaces and rooms with the elimination of the doors throughout the room.

The home features the contemporary white interior design with some clever play of pattern on its surface. The wooden wall creates the horizontal lines that make the room feels bigger, while the unique tiled floor enhances the deepness of the design. A very unique rounded glass decoration can be seen on the small corridor through the home. This unique wall decoration was meant to make a virtual extra space in its reflection.

Great Bedroom  Design in Ceramic House Madrid Spain

Great Bedroom Design in Ceramic House Madrid Spain

Perhaps the most appealing room from this contemporary apartment comes from its kitchen and dining area. Likewise, the whole room is decorated in white, with unique pattern comes from the white wooden cladding throughout the room. The minimalist kitchen is very unique with geometric accent from the wall, white the mini bar area is planted right into the structure. The unique geometric shape on the top of kitchen is efficiently used as hanging storage, greatly increases the effectiveness of this home.

Well, the confusing design of this unique apartment interior only can be understood from the side-view plan below. Yes, with only small space, the designer is able to create different area to live in vertical space, for reading, cooking, eating, and even sleeping. All of this unique idea will be very hard to copy and unique only to this apartment design, which create a very effective interior design in this small space. Well, we hope you like this modern white interior design ideas and good luck on designing your own home!

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