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Gorgeous U Shaped House Plan on Hilltop with Amazing Scenery

Amushing Design of Wood Stair The Hilltop House

Amushing Design of Wood Stair The Hilltop House

This luxurious U shaped house plan is located on a hill top of Rancho Santa Fe area, California. The house is gifted with the amazing 360 degrees view of its surrounding, and is a big residence with nearly 10,000 square feet area, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, home office, a home library, and many more! The u-shaped plan was chosen by the architect Safdie Rabines to maximize the courtyard area into an amazing outdoor living, with a big swimming pool, maximized privacy, and many space to play an interact with other member of the house.

The impressive appearance of this U shaped house plan with pool is a result of smart combination between the modern decoration and high qualified materials in the structure and in the furniture. For example, you can see a spacious courtyard area being covered by white marbles—which we believe will not be cheap—and give a precious appearance on it. The swimming pool is simple, but becomes so beautiful among those marble. Around, a series of building with wooden clad beautifully frames the scene.

Geat Design in Outside View in The Hilltop House

Geat Design in Outside View in The Hilltop House

As you can guess, the interior design is even more amazing, with large and spacious structure in every room. The soaring high ceiling is covered by wooden clad, supported by modern-styled pillars that also divide the living room into different function and levels. The formal living room is beautiful with pale grey Barcelona sofa and partially submerged. The informal living room is decorated by black leather sofas and those artistic artworks hanged on the wall.

Perhaps the most appealing part of this home comes from its rooftop terrace, which is so beautiful with the white outdoor seating areas in it. It allows the owner’s family to stay there and enjoy the amazing sunset scenery every evening, and spend their time together in a lovely atmosphere. So, do you like this U shaped house plan with courtyard for your home?

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