curtains for sliding doors

how to hang curtains for sliding doors

How to hang Curtains for Sliding Doors – Types & Inspiration

Curtains for sliding doors are needed for decorating doors or windows in your home. The main function of curtain is as a protective instrument. However, that function has changed; many various shapes and appearances of the curtain make people admit the curtain as for room decoration. If you have transparent glass door, it will make your home brighter, it is caused by the light reflection from outside. However, transparent glass door sometimes can make you uncomfortable.

Curtains for Sliding Doors

Since, everything you do will be reflected from outside. To avoid this problem, you can use curtain to cover the transparent glass. Your curtain choice should be match to any other furniture around the door.  If the color of your glass door frame is white, then you should choose curtain with bright colors. Thus, the mixture of color will be not too contrasted.

How to Hanging the Curtains for Sliding Doors

How to Hang Curtains For Sliding Doors

If you have a sliding door in your home, hanging curtains can be a good idea. There are two reasons for doing that; first reason is to protect your privacy to be looked from outsider and to add esthetic touch on your room. The first thing you have to do is, measure the sliding door by measuring tape. Then, make a note the result of measuring thing. You should add four inches for the length of the doors measurement. The second thing you should do is, buying curtain, curtain rod and its holder.

You have to choose thoroughly the curtain that you like and will go with the other room decorations. The curtain rod has to have a fixed length measurement or adjustable type. You should choose a good curtain rode which is named a curved rod. Sets the curtain holder to the wall, which is close to the sliding door by using a drill and some screws. Then, you hang the curtain rod on the curtain holder and stick the curtain on. Tighten the curtain rods by using screws. If you choose a curved curtain rod, you will not need to do that. Since, a curved curtain rod is ready to hang. Now, your curtains for sliding doors are ready.

Curtains for Sliding Doors Types

Curtains for Sliding Doors Types

After knowing about hanging curtains, you should know about the types of curtain. This is important for you whenever you want to change your curtain someday. The common curtain type is net curtain. A net curtain is made from translucent fabric such as, a cotton lace. This curtain is well known as the privacy curtain because it can be a screening effect. At the day, this curtain will make people from inside home can see the outside but people from outside cannot see the inside.  In addition, uncoated fabric curtain is the next type of curtain. This curtain is made from a tightly woven fabric or polyester blend. The light will be visible in this curtain type. In addition for the next type is coated curtain. This curtain consists of the standard uncoated fabric with an opaque rubber to improve the light absorption. Choose the type of curtain that will be suitable for what do you want about curtains for sliding doors.

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