how to remove sliding glass door

how to remove sliding glass door rollers

How to Remove Sliding Glass Door Steps

How to remove sliding glass door, this can be an important thing to know for people who have a sliding glass door in their home. Sliding glass door or we can call it patio door is one type of door which is made from a large glass. This door supposes to create an access from one room to another room.  This door has two kinds of panel, the first is panel, which is being fixed, and the second is mobile panel sliding.

How to Remove Sliding Glass Door Frame

At the first time, a sliding glass door is released in pre-war international style architecture in Europe and North America. A sliding glass door is inspired from Shoji and Fusuma door style in Japanese architecture. In Japan, people tend to use this door for a contemporary restaurant room, some residences, Japanese garden tea houses and many more. Some people choose this type of door because it can increase the natural light for your room and fresh air intake in your home.

How to Remove Sliding Glass Door in Briefly

How To Remove Sliding Glass Door from Track

Some people often think that removing sliding glass door is something difficult to do. You may be thinking that an expert in sliding door can handle this activity. However, if you follow these instructions, you can do it by yourself. The first step, you have to put the screen door off, and take both of frame sides to the middle, then raise the bottom part away from the track area.

The second step is, remove the holder door from door frame by using Philip head screwdriver. Next, slide the door out of the door pole. Roll the door into the center of the track. By using a Philip head screwdriver, lower the wheel setting if the bottom part of wheel does not want to come off the track. The third step is, remove the sliding door roll that into the center of the track and pushing the sliding door upward. That is the final step about how to remove sliding glass door.

How to Remove Sliding Glass Door Rollers

How to Remove Sliding Glass Door Rollers

If your sliding glass door does not want to work properly, maybe there is something happen to the rollers. The condition of the rollers may crack or fall down. The best thing to do is, remove that damaged rollers. By using some penetrate oil, lubricate the rollers to launch the rollers stuck.  In addition, clean out any rubble that may clog the rollers. Change the rollers if they make the door glass wobbles. Check the small holes that are probably appear in the top and bottom part of rollers. Then, you should enter a small Philip head screwdriver into those small holes and turn your screwdriver clockwise to withdraw the rollers if the door is being stick. Check the rollers and change them if they are broken, cracked or worn out. If you want to remove the rollers, you take the screws out. You should not try to split the door frame from the glass when you pull the rollers off. May all of these information can help you to understand how to remove sliding glass door.

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