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Icy-Clear Glass Block Specially Installed for Modern Bathrooms

Beautiful Glass block in a contemporary living room Interior Design for Inspiration

Beautiful Glass block in a contemporary living room Interior Design for Inspiration

Waiting for the blurry shadow behind the glass block is an old-fashioned way. Today is time for make the blurry shadow into clear figure by bringing back glass brick into modern housing. Glass block firstly created in 1900 era when Art Deco was being so much popular for interiors. But smart designer productively highlight this bold glass material into millennium century with still keep the blurry into clear variety of interiors. Here they are tens contemporary interiors with fascinating glass blocks within.

The most popular materialization from glass block is in the bathroom. James Hill Architect exhibits a vintage bathroom in white with clear accent of various glass materials to produce focus ripple effects in the entire part of the bathroom. Frosted glass block design in Barenz Builders’ mono-light bathroom is a real proof of eclectic design in contemporary packaging. Have a different dimension from tropical bathroom by Ehlen Creative Communications is an old accompanied by fresh capture of the oval mirror behind the dotted glass block.

In the other hand, Christy Branson and Peregrine Design Build know the way how to utilize natural lightings to match with clear texture of the glass blocks and together deliver what should deserve from bathroom design. Again, mirror helps the glass blocks find the way to produce bizarre natural glows within these two Mid Century bathrooms. Mate the glass with marble is old school technique but still works well in this futuristic bathroom. Golden hue automatically creates from tiles and marbles inside, whereas the icy glass brick freeze the bright in sheer cage.

If Podesta Construction collates the marble and tile, Baugher, Inc. offers special chance for wood to exist. Most parts of frosted glass bricks solved instantly with beautiful finishing of wooden bathtub liner. And the striking purple mat attaches extra nice impressions within. As the result, curved and flatted glass block design walls still be favor from times of yore until now.

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