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Imposing Boy Bedroom Ideas with Colorful Furnishing

For those who want to design the boy bedroom ideasas classy as master bedroom, the colorful furnishing is the most imposing idea. With colorful design for the interior, a boy bedroom looks more magnificent. In addition, for an urban house, usually, contemporary design is the main interior design so that the colorful furnishing really fits the interior decoration.

As in the first picture, the colorful background of the bed platform makes the boy bedroom is so enchanting. The hardwood floor that is installed also looks so classy covered by green rug made from fabric material. However, the small room for the boy bedroom is not a problem whether the interior wall is painted using colorful paints. The grey color is indeed very suitable for the interior wall of bedroom because it fits the design of colorful furnishings. As in the boy bedroom ideas pinterest, many kinds of bed platform can be applied for the boy bedroom. Those bed platforms are bunk bed, single bed, and many other designs.

The ceiling lamps for the main interior lamp installation really fit the colorful furnishing for the bedroom. In addition, the hardwood floor as in the third and fourth pictures really looks so classy covered by authentic carpet. The peach color of interior wall also looks so great when fancy wallpaper is attached as wall decal. The single bed platform with grey bed looks very magnificent since the bed cover is designed in colorful model. For the working desk, blue swivel chair really fits the interior design of the bedroom.

For instance, the wallpaper with football player is very suitable attached as wall decal. Since the interior wall is also painted using colorful paints, the interior becomes more imposing. Briefly, for those who want to apply boy bedroom decorating ideas pinterest, your boy must be impressed toward the bedroom design.

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