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Impressive Old House Renovation in Quebec

Chic Illustrated wall Calendar Pictures Above the White Table

Chic Illustrated wall Calendar Pictures Above the White Table

The Chemin Bord Du Lac must be one of amazing old house renovation examples that give a modern house design from the old house. Henri Cleinge succeeded on making this 200 years old house into a mixed house theme concept. It still has the old style, but it also looks so modern with the cubic house shape extended from the main house. Let’s get closer to find out the details!

Located on the Quebec, Canada, this house placed in a calm neighborhood called Dorval. The house has a stone walls design. The house also built in a common traditional house. The house age can be determined by only looking at the classic home style on there. Take a look at these old house renovation photos for more details. Without leaving the historic values of the house, the designer adds some contemporary extension house on there. It’s connected with a cubic house shape. The color of the extension building is also dominated by the natural color. With this kind of style, it just gives the original look of the house.

The features on the extension house also have modern furniture features. With a large pool and sunbathing area, this house is perfection for they who love swimming activities. The interior design comes with a stunning attributes. It has large windows that give a beautiful view of the yard scenery. The nuance of the room also has a classic but modern style. It just hard to describe with the right terms, but as you can see, the design is a combination from the old era with the new era.

This old house reconstruction is very brilliant. You can have a sensation of the old and new house design transition. It’s a proof that the modern house actually can mixed up with the classic house. The old house renovation pictures were told you all about this magic design.

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