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Impressive Scandinavian Home Interior Facilitated with Shiny Lighting

Half Floor Levels Of The Home

Most of people still love Scandinavian Home Interior that has unique characteristic. House exterior looks rustic with brick wall. At a glance, this house seems so small but actually interior includes several living spaces that feel so comfort to inhabit. Small glass window is covered with wood frame.

Square skylight enhances sunlight intensity to enlighten house interior. Walking along concrete path to entrance is pleasant because we can see colorful flowers planted on courtyard. Interior design of Scandinavian house is dominated with white color to gives wide and bright view.

Highgate Residence In London

Small living room polished in white is furnished with modern white sofa and box coffee table. Sectional floor lamp is polished in white color too. Shiny ball light on the floor spreads out soft lighting effect over living room. Soft white curtain covering glass window is made of high quality fabric.

Geometric painting adhered on white painted wall embellishes this room. Bright Scandinavian Home Interior turns narrow space into wider one. Minimalist log table is used to place pretty ornamental plants reflecting fresh sensation.

Contemporary Seating Space Inside The Highgate

Sliding Doors Offer Ample Ventilation

Minimalist kitchen in white looks harmonious with white kitchen set. Contemporary white kitchen corner is equipped with white kitchen sink. Fresh flower in white vase and soft table lamps adorn modern white kitchen corner. Futuristic kitchen appliances are applied in here. Square island looks pretty with artistic painting. Nearby small kitchen, there is square dining table and modern side chairs in white color.

Sleek Shelves Save Up On Space

Modern staircase allowing you reach upstairs is protected with glass railing. Family room is equipped with sophisticated flat TV to entertain occupants. White sideboard under wall TV setup is used to store books and glaring gold ornament.

Sparkling crystal chandelier hanging on ceiling illuminates Bright Scandinavian Home Interior design indicates high class taste. Glaring lights and pottery in wall shelves embellish small bathroom equipped with glass shower cabin.

Family Area With Entertainment Options

Gorgeous Chandelier Lights Up The Stylish Interiors

Interesting Additions To The Bathroom Wall

Bathrooms With A Touch Of Elegance

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