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Inspirational Lamps Design Ideas for the Beauty of Your Bedroom

Awesome White Seahorse Table Lamp and Rope Wallpaper in Blue

Awesome White Seahorse Table Lamp and Rope Wallpaper in Blue

Although lamp is only small piece in your room decorations, you have to think about lamps design ideas for any rooms in your home. The existence of lamps can be very crucial in the room since it can lighten up the room and also beautifying the room design. There many kinds of lamps such as pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lamps. Each lamp has its own function. Pendant lamps are usually put in the dining room, table lamps in the bedroom, ceiling lamps in the living room. They can also creating impression of modern room design.

Now, let us talk about table lamps design ideas. Table lamps are usually put in the bedroom to be approximately in the on the table side or you can call it bedside lamps. The existence of bedside lamp can give function to the room since it can liven up the room and add the beauty of your room. Besides that, for you who like reading before sleeping, bedside reading lamp can be the best choice for you. There are some inspirational lamp designs that can be chosen. Here are some of them. If you have black and white room design, you can choose the one from CB2. Here is white bedside lamp with tulip base and drum shade. The second one is white lamp from Dwellstudio. It is called urchin lamp with ceramic base and white lamp shade.

If you want to add color to the lamp, the splash of yellow color on the lamp shade can be a good choice. CB2 has design Atomic Yellow Lamp which has stylish design. If you are interested in art deco style, you can bring it in your bedroom by putting deco-style lamp. It looks so luxurious in its design.

The choice of table lamps must be based on the entire room design and of course your own personality. You have to consider the design and the color of the lamp so that it can be perfectly blended with the room design. There will be many lamps design trends but you have to be smart.

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