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Inspiring Interior Decoration Idea Using Up Your Exposed Book

Awesome Book iphone Stand Design on the Modern Home Office

Awesome Book iphone Stand Design on the Modern Home Office

It is very interesting when we are talking about  interior decoration idea . There are many unused and exposed items and stuffs that you can use here, and in this chance we would love to show you how to make your room design more dazzling with exposed books. It is no matter how big or how thick your books are, because we already uploaded some lovely pictures that will inspire you with all your old books. Can not wait for any longer? Just enjoy some inspiration you will get.

What will you put on your house for giving welcoming greeting for your guests? There is a wrath made of book page paper hanged on the main door, that will give a warm greeting to your visiting friends and family. Then how about arranging some small plants for adding freshness inside the room? Use your old thick book, then put some glue in all of its inside, the last make a hole on its middle for planting your little green plants. There are two interior designers that will show you their creations, Hammocks And Trampolines and Hastudia. This book page paper wrath and book planter will be attractive  interior decoration ideas for living room , which amazed your visiting friends and family.

Chic Industrial Bedroom Design Showing Floating Books at Wall

Chic Industrial Bedroom Design Showing Floating Books at Wall

This lovely book page paper wrath is one creations of Sunny Tuesday, check more details and wreath ideas of them by checking these pictures that inserted within the text. It is not difficult to make this one by yourself. You will just need scissors, then injecting hot glue gun and also an exposed book and circle wreath form.

You can also make an artistic frame and charging stations from your old thick books. Make sure you will not forget to check some stunning supporting pictures of  interior decorating ideas , that we already inserted below for you.

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